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Mutation Sets are special set items that were added to the game from the Community Patch v110. These sets have several common features - all of them have few bonuses on the items and a lot of sockets (usually four sockets per item). These sets do not focus on any aspect nor play style. All the bonuses are general and can be useful for any character and build. The sockets allow each player to create an equipment that would suit this player's character.

The set bonuses

All the Mutation Sets have common list of the set bonuses:

# of Items Bronze Silver (lvl 80) Gold Platinum Niobium (lvl 200)
Visibility range 3 + 21.0% + 39.0%
Armor 5 + 23.7% + 90.0%
Max. Hitpoints 8 + 2400
All Skills 9 + 14

But there is only one set that actually consists of nine items and has full bonus list - that is the Seraphim's Set Megalcarwen's Garments of Mutation. Other Mutation Sets have only a part of this list.

Item drop

The other common feature of these sets is that they are very rare. Since every Mutation Set can be considered beneficial for any character of the respective class, they were made significatly more rare than all the other sets in game. However, it was confirmed that there is an opportunity to get Mutation Set items from Bosses. They also can be given as a reward for Side Quests.

The sets


Mormorin set.jpg
Mormorin's Garments of Mutation

High Elf


Arbereth's Garments of Mutation


Megalcarwen's Garments of Mutation

Shadow Warrior

Tallin's Garments of Mutation

Temple Guardian

Dimiona's Garments of Mutation

Dragon Mage

Draco's Garments of Mutation
The core 6 characters got mutation sets, but the new character added to Sacred 2 in the Ice and Blood expansion, the Dragon Mage, was left without such a set because Ascaron never designed one for him. Therefore, in CM Patch v1.50, the Dragon Mage finally got his own Mutation set. It was designed to match those of the other characters.

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  • With the exception of the Dragon Mage's set, all these sets were meant to be in game from the very beginning, but they were never finished. All the graphics and the item names were present, but these items were blank and had no bonuses. So the Community Patch developers completed these sets and made them drop.