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The Gemmae or Sigil Sets are special items added by the Community Patch that can be placed in the relic holder to boost resistances. Unlike standard relics, which provide only magic, fire, poison, or ice resistance, each sigil also offers some physical resistance. Each Sigil is also part of a set:

Ber.pngDai.pngPayn.png BerDaiPayn

Sin.pngIth.pngTer.png SinIthTer

Dis.pngTruk.pngXion.png DisTrukXion

Yer.pngLuv.pngVun.png YerLuvVun

Im.pngMor.pngTel.png ImMorTel

Kilth.pngEm.pngAl.png KilthEmAl

Kla.pngAtu.pngVer.pngAta.pngNik.pngTuh.png KlaAtuVerAtaNikTuh

Tom.pngMar.pngWol.pngOry.pngDel.png TomMarWolOryDel

Set Bonus

When all pieces of a sigil set are placed in the relic holder, a special set bonus activates. The sigils do not have to be placed in any specific order or be in the active relic slot for the set bonus to work. As long as all the required sigils are placed anywhere in the relic holder, the set bonuses will activate.

Skill Bonus and Item Modifiers

At higher levels, sigils will spawn with valuable additional bonuses:



Combat Reflexes

Shield Lore

Spell Resistance

Item Modifiers

Max Hitpoints

Spell resistance+X%

Hitpoint Regeneration+X%

Block chance: Combat Arts+X%

Block chance: Close Combat+X%

Block chance: Stun+X%

Block chance: Root+X%

Block chance: Projectiles+X%

Block chance: Knock back+X%

Chance to reflect: Combat Arts+X%

Chance to reflect: Close Combat+X%

Chance to reflect: Projectiles+X%

Chance to reflect: Stun+X%

Armor: Physical +X%

Armor: Magic +X%

Armor: Poison +X%

Armor: Fire +X%

Armor: Ice +X%


As rare set items, the Gemmae must be found as drops and cannot be purchased from vendors. The Gemmae spawn every 3 levels.