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icon13.gif Note

This set will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed. Therefore, it will not drop in closed net servers.


Technical Data

Class: All

Set name: Equilibrium

Set item names:

Available sockets:

  • Material.png 0 Material Sockets
  • Bronze.png 0 Bronze Sockets
  • Silver.png 0 Silver Sockets
  • Gold.png 0 Gold Sockets

Item modifiers

About the set

  • This set was in game before the Community Patch, however, it was bugged. It could not drop and had no set bonuses.

The set bonuses

# of Items Bronze Silver (lvl 80) Gold Platinum Niobium
Chance for Weaken 2 +4.5 %
Chance for Burn 2 +4.5 %
Chance for Poison 2 +4.5 %
Chance for Freeze 2 +4.5 %

Equilibrium bonus.gif

Recommended pieces

Set Item Drop Levels


-. -.

-. -.