Sacred 2:Abishai of Dissension

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Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:Eye to Eye

Quest Location: Abishai Stronghold in Cursed Forest

The Abishai's Combat Arts

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The image to the right outlines the different powers that the Abishai has at it's disposal

  • Gust of Wind - A very powerful ranged attack that can, on some occasions, one hit kill. Physical damage
  • Summon Seekers - Summons 4 Seekers that will chase you and explode upon impact
  • Blood Storm - Causes moderate Physical + Life Leech damage
  • Mana Trap - Will cause your Combat Arts to require more regeneration and possible interrupt your Combat Arts
  • Disregard Trap - Causes a high amount of Physical damage that ignores your resistances
  • Leech Trap - Deals Life Leech damage and heals the Abishai by the same amount
  • Debuff Trap - Will remove one of your buffs
  • Poison Trap - Causes very high poison damage
  • Blind Trap - Reduces Chance to Hit and Attack Speed for a period of time

NOTE: All the traps and the Blood Storm slowly move towards the player character when near them, making positioning and movement very important in this fight. Standing in place for prolonged periods of time so that multiple traps converge on top of each other can quickly kill any character.
NOTE: Completing the quest Weakening the Abishai before initiating the fight with him will spawn a version of Abishai that does not have access to the Mana Trap and Leech trap.