Sacred 2:All Class Unique Hafted (One-Handed)

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Braggis' Law

-. -.
-. -.


Grimwald's Guardian

Hammer of Heroes

Hammer of the North

-. -.
-. -.

Kaldur's Legacy

Ker's Scepter

Kullgard's Taskwatch

Memetar's Protector

Methedrin's Scepter

Nadjii's Splitter

Orc Shock

Pyx's Cudgel of Admonishment

Raging Ire

Ragno's Slayer

-. -.
-. -.


Thain's Axe

Thorien's Blind Rage

-. -.
-. -.

Tinwora's Curse

Vlandhar's Revenge

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