Sacred 2:Celioth's Ward

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This unique will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed.

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Item Modifiers


  • This shield has a very rare property which adds physical damage to the player's weapon in addition to providing armor.
  • This shield was found partially finished and deactivated in the game files, and was completed and reactivated with CM Patch 1.50. Evidence of the shield's existence can be seen in the official artbook:
Concept Art
  • Lore (unofficial): "The High Elf mage Celioth was renowned for his profound arcane knowledge and exquisite spellcasting. He erected a magnificent tower in western Tyr Lysia where he researched the magical arts, and long after his passing Celioth's Tower remained a center of learning for magecraft. Deep in the vaults beneath the tower, keepers uncovered a powerful magical artifact of Celioth's creation: a shield specifically forged to protect against sorcery and enhance spellcasting."