Sacred 2:Child - Children and Demons

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This boy is a son of Koremar and Lienna, who have a farmhouse in Sloeford. He just wanted to spend some time playing near the lake with his sibling, but got caught by some sinister figure and locked in a cave. In this cave the boy met three other children who seem to be orphans. Now these kids are just standing there around the campfire waiting for someone to save them.



An Escort

While completing Children and Demons quest, you'd have to escort this child to his parents' house in Sloeford.

  • There would be four more children coming together with this boy. They all would be standing in the same cave until you would agree to escort them. Here is the picture of them together:

  • All the children try to escape the fight and would run away from every enemy they encounter.


  • He won't appear unless you play as a Seraphim in Single Player mode.
  • After the quest completion this child can be seen running around the streets of Sloeford together with other children.