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Strength attribute will modify this weapon's base melee damage.

Item Modifiers:

  • Armor fire.jpg Fire
  • Strength +X
  • Opponent's Chance for Burn +X%
    • Note: In one patch prior to Ice & Blood, this modifier has been replaced by Damage of enraged players, which requires Hafted Weapons Mastery.

Ice and Blood version

-. -.
-. -.


Item Modifiers:


  • True to its name, this is an excellent weapon for fighting Dragons. The ice damage is extra bonus damage, giving it higher base damage than similar axes. Dragons are also weakest to ice. In addition, this axe sports a rare bonus for weapons: armor resistance against fire damage - useful for protection against dragon breath.
  • This weapon is one of several items that received a new crystal model with the Ice and Blood expansion.