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Nelyas is a dryad shaman, who left Dyr Lain and travelled to Tyr Lysia to negotiate with the high elves. You can meet him only if your character is a Dryad. Your character is the only dryad who travelled with Nelyas, probably as his bodyguard. Depending on your character's alignment, Nelyas is either hoping to find out what's behind the treat to the world of Ancaria, or has allies within the Inquisition. Either way, he gets attacked by inquisition guards and dies, giving your character her first task.



  • Dryad Shaman Nelyas is quest giver for Pastures New quest, the first part of the Dryad's main-quest.


  • Dryad Shaman Nelyas may be found only if your character is a Dryad and only until you take his quest (later he dies and disappears just like all the corpses in the game).