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Frost - Ice Elf Build Guide (Console), From The Frozen Depths Of Ancaria

By Hikaru


This is a Build Guide for an Ice Elf. <-- Short and 2 the point, meh, introduction over... on with the show.

firstly lets start with the Skill Choices and Explinations

Concentration - This skill allows us to use more than 1 buff at the same time. There is no need for three buffs with an Ice Elf as the fire demon wud boost erm... absolutely fk all Leave this skill at 1 point +All Skills in later game will give you the -regen time bonus.

Mystic Stormite Lore - As this is an Ice Elf you will gain ALOT of Damage from this Skill. This also allows us to Cast Spells Faster, increases our chance for Critical Hits and gives us Modification Points for the Mystic Stormite Tree.

Mystic Stormite Focus - Again as this is an Ice Elf another Must have Skill. This Skill will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the regen times from all you Combat Art's and raise there Max Level Without Penalty (this means you dont have to eat as many runes to gain a FULL Combat Art level).

Delphic Arcania Focus - This Skill will allow the Modifications of Grand Invigoration and Expulse Magic. The Skill lowers the Regen times for the Aspect Delphic Arcania (not much use apart from lowering Expulse Magics regen as stacking is needed, ill explain that later) and it also raises the Highest Combat Art Level without Penalty.

Armor Lore - This Skill Raises Defence and Lowers the regen time from Armor. Also this skill openns up the Bonus's from Armors that have "modifier Armor Lore" on them, there are some very good bonuses to be had early and late game from this skill.

Ancient Magic - Crazy Increase of Damage Output. your Combat Art's will benefit greatly from this skill especialy at Mastery when it "reduces Opponents Immunities Against Your Combat Arts". this means that all enemies imunitys against ice damage will be reduced therefore increasing you damage dealt.

Constitution - Your now reaching the part of the Game where enemies are hitting hard. This Skill will Boost Your HP and HP regeneration Dramaticaly. Also at Mastery this skill increases your HP regeneration During Battle (a great little bonus ontop of the amazing amount of extra HP)

Combat Discipline - This Skill increases Damage of All Combat Art's in and out of Combos and Reduces the Regeneration time of Combat Arts in Combos. you wont be using Combos very much but the Added Damage is truly welcomed.

Shield Lore - Increase in Defence Value (hell yes plx) and also grants the Ability to use higher level shields. This Skill greatly increases Defence and at Mastery grants a % Chance to Block Close Combat (melee hits).

Now for the Final Skill...

For Those Who Dont Have a Shopper already made then follow Route A

For Those Who Do Already Have a Shopper Made Follow Route B

Route A Barganing- This Skill Alows For +All Skill Rings to be baught from Merchants, if this is Going to be Your Main Account Then THIS IS A MUST HAVE SKILL. This Skill can be Kept at 1 and boosted with Relics and +All Skills. It is your Choice to put points in here or not.

Route B Delphic Arcania Lore - This Skill will increase the Damage of Delphic spells. also allows for more modification points. this Skill will GREATLY increase the Banishing power of Expulse Magic.

well then thats skill choices over ..... next is erm ... modifications ! yay

Mystic Stormite Tree

Frost Flare - Spell Flow -Significantly reduces the Regeneration time of Frost Flare. (this skill packs more than enuf power at later levels and it stacks so spam spam spam!)

Frost - Additionaly increases the Ice Damage Over Time ( a Massive Boost in DoT Effect Damage per level of Combat Art)

Icy Circle - Freezes Opponents within a Significantly larger area around the Target. ( Area of Effect allowing you to snipe out groups of mobs at a safe Distance early game)

Glacial Thorns - Fusillade - increases The Number of Frozen Thorns ( more thorns = more damage)

Devestation - Increases the Chance for Critical Hits (this Mod is a No Brainer)

Fusillade - Increases The Number of Frozen Thorns ( Dont Choose Peirce, Glacial Thorns is a Boss Killer Skill. Who Gives a **** if you can hit the boss and land ur needles in the wall behind him? hes not guna compliment u for it so steer clear of the Peirce Mod)

Raging Nimbus - Hurricane - Increases The Blizards Damage Frequency (its like watching a slot machine go round and round and round)

Roar - Reduces the Atack Value of Affected Oponents( its like watching a Great Big orc turn into your grandma with a walking stick no matter how many times she hits u and u yell "ouch" it never actualy hurts, this mod is great defencively and offencivley)

Extended Nimbus - Increases the Radius of the Blizard (no need to have the blizard run for longer as you can spam 2-3 blizzards at once and just keep them flying, + with the extended nimbus you can take out close combat enemies and Ranged at the same time)

Cascading Shroud - Faint - Reduces the Probability of being Struck By weapons (90% of mobs have weps therefore dodging them is a bonus dun u think)

Inconspicuous - Reduces the Chance to be detected by enemies ( this mod starts at 1% and gains 0.5% per Combat Art level. until later levels this mod wont be much use)

Facileness - Increases Run Speed While Cascading Shroud is active (great for getting out of a sticky situation or if u just fancy getting sumwhere a lil faster think of it as nitro with a regen)

Crystal Skin(Main Defensive Skill) - Glacial Mirror Increases the Chance to reflect Detrimental Magical Effects. (remember after modding a buff it needs to be re-cast to see the newly added mods in action)

Silver Mod Dilema... for a Console Player the Feel Cold Mod is Bugged and will not Alow for Your Damage of Glacial Thorns to Exceed 4.8k (I think) where as Focialize will. so Depending on your platform depends on your skill choice here but ill give a breif on both of them anyway

Focialize(console players) - Increases the spell intensityof all aspects ( this affects all Combat Art's not just Mystic Stormite spells, a nice increase in damage)

Feel Cold(pc players) - Reduces the Oponents Immunities To Ice (Crazy Amounts of Damage can be dealt with this Mod it is far superior to its Focialize counterpart)

Mystic Stormite Expertise - Reduces regen times on Mystic Storm Spells.. Nuff Said

Delphic Arcania Tree In Early levels its best Just to Put enough points in Delphic focus to mod Grand invigoration, as bronze/silver dont realy need Expulse Magic.

Shadow Step - Phase Shift - Decreases the Cooldown of Shadow Step (drops from 15 seconds ish to 10)

Expulse Magic - Expansion - increases Effective Radious but Maintains the Banishing Potential ( this is a Good way to get mobs away from u if ur in over your head)

Pentagram - Reduces the Duration and Impact of incoming weakening effects (stops you from being de-buffed reduces DoT damage time etc etc.. very useful in Gold+)

Grand Invigoration I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW AMAZINGLY GOOD THIS SKILL IS ! EAT EVERY RUNE U CAN INTO THIS SKILL (unless ur playing Ice and Blood then just eat until u hit level 199 Combat Art level, meh go figure dat sucks lol)

Mystic Stormite Expertise - Yea u know it REDUCE THOSE REGENS BABY, if u take the Pyromancer 1 slap urself !

Yet Another Silver Mod Dilema ! omg lol...

Now im going to relate back to the final skill choice u made.... route A and Route B while not taking Delphic Lore The HP regen Mod is fairly useless as it dosent get the essential boost it needs... soooooooo

Route A Replenish Further Reduction of Combat Art's Regens (SPAM SPAM SPAM)

Route B Life Energy Increases the HP regen while GI is Active .. as I said if u have taken the Delphic Lore Route this will give Crazy amounts of HP

OMG !! nah only a slight dilemma this time, this 1 depends on your playstyle rather than anything else, if you like to be Defensive then take the 1st Mod Resilliance - Reduces the impact and duration of incoming spells. if you like to get the job done at a rapid pace then take the second mod fleetness - Run Bish Run...

Aight so im now sat here dying of boredom looking at this wall of text guessing I shud bring a close to it with what to master first and sum playstyle tips right?

yeah thats right


Masteries - this order

Mystic Stormite focus and lore shoud be Kept at Your Level anyway so when u hit 75 so shud they.

Constitution HP HP HP HP HP ! master it lol

Ancient Magic Lower the enemys immunities is a Huge Advantage and allows u to take on Mini Bosses like the Banshee without hitting 2's

The Rest is in your hands but choose wisely and remember dont waste points in Concentration unless u realy have sum random Fire Demon Fettish.

After u have mastered all ur Skills Just Hammer Points into Mystic lore/focus and constitution a few armor lore and a few sheild lore for good measure.

Play Style

Everyone has there own style of play and the Ice Elf is Very Versatile to fit around how you like to play I.e Long range, up close and personal or taking it slow and steady keeping that Survival Bonus up.

Keep the Nimbus up when Fighting Large Groups the damage reduction is sexy !

Leveling Tips

Atamarks Gate in the Northern Region by the Volcano(directly Above Griffinborough) there are TONS of fire based soldiers that like being swallowed up by the nimbus or sniped out with Frost Flare.

Orc Cave is great for Xp and Goodies


Gear, The early bonuses from Any Set is not of great impact to the Ice Elf.

I Would Personalty use Pieces with the most Sockets from the Following sets :-

3/4 Peices of Adornments of the Ancestors - Enabling + run speed, chance to disreguard armor, + Magic Find

3 Peices of Velarias Heirlooms for the insanely High + on Stamina ( and using the Chest Plate for incredible defence and 3 gold sockets, you cant complain)

another Peice of gear that is Extremely hard to Pass Up is Virgos Milts, This item is overlooked but has incredible bonuses built into it

Anything with Lots of Sockets for +All Skills and Aspect Mystic Stormite: +.. these are the foundations of getting the highest damage without having crazy regens

(im currently level 90 in niob with level 198 Mystic Skills..only 75 hard points.. and level 85.3 Glacial Thorns packing 3.2k per thorn 150 thorns and regening at 1 sec... secsy I know)

well im done, u guys can Flame rant abuse and even compliment my guide

oh and yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I know my spelling sucks but im just to lazy to double check everything

buh bye.. no realy buh bye

oh w888888 dont GOOO I forgot something !

Attribute points

First 50 Levels Put all Points in Stamina

From then on Boost Vitality/Intel I prefer Full Vitality as I said earlier that Survival Bonus is a MUST

anywho thats the end of that !

no realy it is

buh bye again

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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