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High Elf Combat Arts

She lives and breathes magic! Inside the walls of the magic academy in Thylysium she studied the ancient lore – now, she is about to set off into the unknown.

The young master pupil is eager to learn more, and she begins her adventures hoping that she will uncover even more secrets in order to expand her knowledge. If she wins acclaim along the way, so much the better!

Aspects He logo hi.png

Aspect: Arrant Pyromancer

Aspects_Layer14.gif Choosing this aspect will render the Adept as the classic mage, fully devoted to the element of fire. The very nature of these studies is a burning aggression, leading to a predominantly offensive style. Executing the art of fire magic allows for a wide flexibility in which the spells can easily be individually adapted.

Ancestral Fireball

01.gif The classic spell is favored by novices and masters alike. However, variations allow the fireball to be customized and wielded as a succession of blazing rapid fire spheres, or it could become a large, explosive fire-and-forget projectile.

Blazing Tempest

02.gif A tempestual wave of fire is set forth in the desired direction.

Incendiary Shower

03.gif A devastating shower of meteors will rain down on the enemies in the target area and smash them to the ground. It will be possible to enhance this spell to include a huge meteor that will inflict heavy damage upon impact.

Fire Demon (Buff)

04.gif Conjures a fire demon which enhances the effectiveness of the High Elf's Arrant Pyromancer combat arts. The demon is also able to cast Incandescent Skin and attack opponents with fireballs.

Incandescent Skin (Buff)

05.gif The High Elf focuses on the ultimate control over all fire. She will become practically immune to burns and she will even be able to ignite incoming arrows while they are still in flight. Incandescent Skin cannot be used in conjunction with Crystal Skin.

Aspect: Mystic Stormite

Aspects_Layer15.gif Here she specializes in ice magic, putting emphasis on her own protection while also weakening the opponent. This art of magic is the opposite of fire magic. It is much more defensive, although even a storm magician is able to weave some powerful attack spells.

Frost Flare

06.gif A powerful frost blast is directed towards an opponent, inflicting damage over time while temporarily decreasing the target's movement rate.

Glacial Thorns

07.gif The origins of this spell are unknown, yet it has existed in spell books for as long as anyone can remember. The High Elf Adept commands thorn-like splinters of ice and hurls them towards her enemy. A mere wave of her hand will either bundle the splinters into one burst or turn the burst of icicles into a nova blasting out in a circular pattern with the caster located in the center.

Raging Nimbus

08.gif The High Elf is able to control the clouds and bring forth a devastating tempest. Weakened opponents in the area will be struck down by lightning.

Cascading Shroud

09.gif This spell casts a veil of invisibility around the High Elf. Her body becomes almost invulnerable, with normal weapons and arrows simply passing through the shroud instead of inflicting damage.

Crystal Skin (Buff)

10.gif Improves armor rating and resistance against spells. Slightly increases the regeneration time of all combat arts within the aspect Mystic Stormite while the buff is active. Crystal Skin cannot be used in conjunction with Incandescent Skin.

Aspect: Delphic Arcania

Aspects_Layer16.gif This aspect comprises many powerful and effective spells. A High Elf proficient in the study of the Arcane Illusionist wields magic that will assist and protect, equipping the mage for confrontations in melee combat. This is the school of classic magic, well suited to support one of the other aspects.

Cobalt Strike

12.gif A powerful streak of lightning hits the opponent inflicting heavy magic damage. T-Energy beings will additionally suffer from damage over time.

Magic Coup

11.gif The High Elf is able to enchant a weapon in such way that its damage is turned into magical damage. Such a blow cannot be evaded and there is a possibility that it may hit several opponents in the close vicinity.

Shadow Step

13.gif With this spell the High Elf can teleport to any location within her line of sight. She will even be able to render herself invisible or invulnerable after the teleport making this spell a valuable strategic asset.

Expulse Magic

14.gif The High Elf has the power to dispel the magic of others. She is able to instantly remove any magical enhancement from the weapons of her opponents.

Grand Invigoration (Buff)

15.gif While active, hitpoints and spells will regenerate at an increased rate.

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