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In-Game Map Overview

When playing Sacred 2, pressing the "M" key will produce an entire map of the world of Ancaria. During the beginning of the game, when it first appears, the map will be in black and white, with only the area that the character is presently in showing up in color. The colored areas will increase as more of Ancaria is traveled through and discovered. It is a live map that will display enemies as red triangles as they move about or toward you:

This colored-in map shows all the hero chests, portals, monoliths, and ships in the game. When the player discovers them, they remain on the map unless toggled off. Bosses and Dragons also appear on the map.

  • Tip- Items which increase Visibility range will display foes at a greater distance, and will color in a wider radius around the player. The player can't set foot on every part of the map, so increasing Visibility Range is the only way to color in much of the black-and-white areas.

Map Controls

By using the mouse wheel, it is possible to zoom in and out of the map to show more details such as quest circles, merchants, rune traders, resurrection monoliths, portals, etc.:

Also in the game's map, right-click and drag to move the map around. This is especially useful for traveling to a far-off portal, such as Christmas Island.

When in map mode, press and hold the mouse wheel (or middle mouse button) to produce a small, highly-detailed mini-map that can be scrolled about to better study all the terrain already discovered by the character.

  • View the full Map of Ancaria made using this highly detailed version of the map.


The minimap in the top corner can be customized by clicking one of the three available buttons in the Graphical User Interface.

1) Clicking the upper gold "eye" button produces the Show/Hide Symbols menu.

Show/Hide Symbols

  • Merchant
  • Quests
  • Friends and Foes
  • World Objects

Placing an X in the boxes will display these symbols on the map.

2) Clicking the gold "gear" button brings up Minimap Options and Tab-map Options.

Minimap Options

  • Size
  • Scale
  • Curvature
  • Icon Size
  • Transparency
  • Rotation

Tab-map Options

  • Scale
  • Icon Size
  • Transparency
  • Rotation
  • Persistent

3) Clicking the gold "pointer arrow" is a toggle which shows or hides the minimap.

  • Pointing up shows the map
  • Pointing down hides the map


Pressing the Tab key while in the game will enlarge the Minimap and display considerably more of the nearby terrain. It will return to Minimap size when the Tab key is released.

  • Tip- Travel is possible while this map is open. This is more easily accomplished if the terrain direction (compass) corresponds to the Minimap's direction, i.e., both are pointing North. (If Rotation is unchecked in Options, pressing the Z key will return the compass to North to match the Minimap.)
  • Note- The Tab-map can be used even if the Minimap is hidden.