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Ghost Ranged High Elf

By Nihilith

Hi there buddies.

As always, i don't really care about cookie-cutter builds, though i tested some of them to have a better understanding of the game's mechanics. After testing some level 30 characters such as the Pyromancer HE, Pipe Dryad, Astute Supremacy Inquisitor and a Celestial Techno Babe, i decided to dig deep into my altered brain to find an original build, gathering ideas from here and there, such as Schot's shadow step grinding, Shield Maiden build, the Ghost dryad, and by seeing, cobalt strike in use against the white griffin in Schot's set farming video. As a result, i offer you a build that needs some serious tweaking for sure, but as far as i can tell is really fun to play. Oh, i forgot to say that all my chars are self-sufficient, the shared stash is not used so far for any of my chars... So no starting runes, no starting gear, no starting gold.

Instead of giving you the complete build directly, and as i used to do with my different guides back in the time of S1, i will complete this topic as my char grows up.

So far, here's how i describe her, and how i play her.

Let's decipher the topic's title: Ghost : must see the furthest foes, must attack from a distance, and mustn't be hit. For sure, HE can't achieve complete invisibility as shadow warrior, but we'll get some, however. Ranged : Must attack from a distance. Bows, Shurikens, Spells. High Elf : does it need to be explained... must be sexy icon4.gif

So we want to be as invisible as possible, untouchable (as far as we can) and attack from a distance. Here are some guidelines for a part of the skills. Far sight = Camera settings + visibility range item mod Invisibility = Shadow Step (correctly modded) Untouchable = Shadow Step + Chance to evade item mod Ranged Attack = Cobalt Strike + Bow/Throwing Stars. We will really be gear dependant so, Bargaining is a nice option for this build.

PART 1 : The beginnings

Current status : level 15


  • level 2 : Arcane Lore (5 pts to unlock the Focus first) : Increase damage of Cobalt Strike and of the explosion of Shadow Step + faster cast speed for the spells, a must have
  • level 3 : Bargaining (remaining points) : She's a lady, never forget that ! and my chars must be self sufficient.
  • level 5 : Arcane Focus (Max) : Grand invigoration penalty and of course regen times for the aspect.
  • level 8 : Armor Lore (first goal is level 5 to unlock the next skill...)
  • level 12 : Shield Lore

Attributes All in Vitality, We should get some stamina or dexterity at level 50, don't know right now which one i will need for this char.

Combat Arts Magic Coup : Bread and butter

  • bronze mod : raw damage
  • silver mod : life leech

Shadow step : Our invisibility source and so far a nice Area of Effect support (lvl4, 8 with a bonus from gear)

  • bronze mod : less cooldown
  • silver mod : invisibility
  • gold mod : explosion

Buff Grand invigoration (level 10)

Game Play We focus on ranged attacks, switching from throwing stars to bows, relying on the drops. Pull a mob from a distance (kobold groups are fine for that matter) with a throwing star. Shower them with shurikens, and once they're close, shadow step to a medium distance, dealing them some damage with the explosion mod. As soon as Shadow step is being casted, click on a foe and hold the left mouse button, press the auto pickup key also, so you get the loots from the dead monsters and once you come back from the parallel dimension (invisible for a short period), you automatically start to throw stars at the foe which is stupidly watching at the sky... "where in the hell is she gone... and damn, i feel like a giant wasp is in my back, that hurts..."

What i must achieve, is a minimum cooldown on shadow step, and a nice damage on Cobalt Strike to get rid of champs and bosses. So far (level 15, no conclusion done for the next levels), i travelled a bit with her in bronze difficulty, from Sloeford (Kobold Camp) to Artamark (via the starting island teleporter, from the drop spot to the city before Gar'Colossus) and then the Orc region (from the drop spot to Octologamus cave), then in desert, chaining spiders down to Khorum and this technique is really fun to play. Pull, shoot, Teleport, shoot, teleport. See the enemies stupidly stuck cos' you're invisible, laugh, rinse repeat, gather drops... I may test Cascading Shroud from the Mystic Stormite Aspect, but so far, it's not needed, and this may make this build more complex, regarding skill choice... to be continued. Artamark in silver is fine right now.

Not at home right now, will post some pics if i can't make a vid to show the gameplay.

Hope you'll enjoy the build, but this is more a global idea than a build. I don't know if this build will survive gold difficulty, but for sure, it's like a real alternative to the boring grind sessions with all mighty chars lol.

gameplay preview updated :

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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