Sacred 2:Grunwald's Protection

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Item Modifiers


  • Despite the fact that this shield has a unique name and pre-defined set of bonuses, it is considered a Rare item instead of Unique. Therefore it can be bought from traders is the character has high enough level of Bargaining Skill.
  • This item, as well as all other items from the Unlock Items list will now drop normally in-game with the Community Patch installed.
  • When this item is spawned using an Unlock Code or drops as a quest reward it is always of the same level as the player's character.
  • Grunwald is a region in the western part of Artamark. It is a rather grim forest inhabited by various cultists as well as the Grunwald Cave Dragon. Besides this shield there is another item named after it - Grunwald's Token Of Madness.
  • Another possible source of the item's name is Ascaron employee Christian Grunwald.