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icon13.gif Note:

All items from this page will drop freely using the Community Patch.

The unlock codes for all items from this page only work for the PC platform and not for Xbox/PS3 console platforms.

Hafted Weapons

Glacial Northmaster

Khazduk's Spirit

Motley Mirth

Mountain Breaker

Paladin's Honour

Parmiter's Justice

One-Handed Swords

Blade of Mages

Blade of Severance

Celestial Magic

Ceremonial Might

Crimson Vengeance

Darkened Soul


Flashing Glaive of Atherton

Flaying Glaive of Atherton

Hand of the Royal Guard

Promise of El'Abjhal

Righteous Desire

Salamander's Wrath


Silver Virtue

Song of the Wilds

Thorwyn's Venom

tom Felde's Thunderous Voice

Two-Handed Swords

Kroll's Law


Soulstaff of the Wild

-. -.
-. -.


Ettolrahc Notwen's Recurve Bow


Grunwald's Protection


Scribe Gauntlets of Atherton (Dryad)

Scribe Gauntlets of Atherton (High Elf)

Scribe Gauntlets of Atherton (Inquisitor)

Scribe Bracers of Atherton (Seraphim)

Scribe Gauntlets of Atherton (Shadow Warrior)

Scribe Gauntlets of Atherton (Temple Guardian)


Faye's Gloom

  • Spawns every 1 level

MegAnne's Ring of Enid

  • Spawns every 1 level

TaliaMel's Hysteria

  • Spawns every 1 level