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Kral of the Winged Daemons is a flying demon boss that the player must defeat to advance the Main Campaign Quest and complete Chapter 8. The quest for the Light path is The Forgotten City and the Shadow Version has the same name. Kral's lair is at the heart of Ciria Delith in the south of the The Jungle Region.

Damage Done:

Equally Weak against:

Combat Arts

Energy Shot

  • ...

Sonic Scream

  • Has a property called "invert_armor_phy" in spells.txt. Likely reverses opponent's physical armor value, meaing the higher their physical armor, the more damage they take from Sonic Scream. It causes especially more damage against High Elf (with Crystal Skin buff) and Dryad (with Ancient Bark buff).

Tail Lash

  • ...


Magic and some fire damage missile type attack


  • ...

Concept Art