Sacred 2:Master Conjuror

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This man lives in the far corner of the Bengaresh Desert. He's quite eccentric, isn't he? But he is a world-class expert summoner and the master of the other conjurors who practice various summoning rituals. So he is exactly the person you'd have to meet in the end of your search for the Succubus, a powerful daemon from the realm of Ker, who was summoned by a reckless Conjuror from Orcish Byway.
Actually, you'd immediately understand what brought him to this inhospitable place. He has no opinion of the Elven mages, Elven government, elves in general and his fellow summoners in particular... Quite a tough guy to deal with, isn't he? But he's the only one who is able to tell you the things you wanted to know about the Invocation Ritual, and the only one who is able to perform an Invocation properly. So you have no choice but to bear him.