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The Merchant is a type of NPC found in many locations in Ancaria -- usually in towns, but also at key locations along the main quest line. The player can interact with a merchant to buy and sell items. The player needs gold to purchase items, and in turn will receive gold for items sold. The Merchant is identified by a gold bag of coins (merchant.png) on the GUI map or over the NPC's head. The same symbol appears on signs hanging outside merchant shops:

Elf Region
Human Region
Desert Region

Locate all Merchants on the SacredWiki Map of Ancaria

When the player clicks on a Merchant, their character's inventory will open, as will one of the pages of the Merchant's inventory. The Merchant has 4 inventories:

  • Weapons: This includes shields as well, as they are equipped in weapon slots.
  • Armor: Equipment worn on the character's body and limbs for protection
  • Jewelry: Amulets and rings. Jewelry can be worn or forged into other equipment by a Blacksmith.
  • Potions: Elixirs and drinks to aid players during their travels.

Click the appropriate tabs to change which Merchant inventory is displayed. The player can sell any item, regardless of which inventory is displayed, but may only buy from the displayed wares.

Merchant Trading Screen Art

Transactions usually require a confirmation dialog, which can be bypassed by holding down the Ctrl key when selecting an item. The confirmation dialog is not suppressed when attempting to sell a set, unique or legendary item. This safeguard has prevented many errors.

The Bargaining skill can be quite handy for players who like to buy and sell items. Bargaining will reduce the cost of items, as well as make better quality items available in shops.