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In Mount Island you can find the below services. See Map Icons:






Mount Island is surrounded by three nearby regions, Seraphim Island, Nor Plat and Artamark, though it appears to stand alone in the world of Ancaria. Never concerned with the ongoing of the world, it has only one purpose, to provide heroes with Mounts of special abilities which can only be acquired by completing the Unique Mounts quest. Hugard, an ogre shaman, is it's keeper and the only NPC to be found here on Mount Island. Though the Unique Mounts quest does begin with the Archaeologist's Sister it will progress onto the Frustrated Archaeologist and then complete with Hugard. Each of these NPC's will require you to fulfill their requests in order for you to finally be able to buy a Unique Mount from Hugard. Make sure you've got some gold saved up. They can be quite expensive!

Locate Mount Island on the Ancaria Interactive Map

Quests & NPC's


Portal on island. If you do not have the portal you must complete the Unique Mounts starting in Orcish Byway located in the Artamark to gain access to Mount Island


There are no non-quest enemies present on island. During the Unique Mounts quest you will fight Test Series 149, Test Series 1802 and Test Series 3581 T-Mutant enemies

Interesting Photos

Mount Island Harbor
Temple of the Gods
Unique Mounts Quest NPC Hugard
Shadow Warrior - Hellhound
High Elf - Wind Serpent
Seraphim - Saber-toothed Tiger
Temple Guardian - Mobiculum
Inquisitor - Shroud Spider
Dryad - Monitor Lizard


Note: You will not find the unique mount for the Dragon Mage here. For more info on how to get the DM's mount please see If you are running the patched version, you will find that mount here.

Have a look at the Mounts page and complete the Unique Mounts quest to get your own.

See the map of Island of Mounts on the SacredWiki interactive map.