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Near-Invincible Ice Elf Build - Console

By BlackJAC

Having only ever used the Pyro tree and dabbled a little with the DA aspects, i can safely say my experience with Mystic Sormite amounted to no more than surviving the early rounds using Glacial Throns as and when my pryo skills were recharging.

This is by no means a unique build, nor is there any hybridness to it, but I thought I'd share the build that got me through Niob without a death to my name. In fact, I can safely say that after level 18, I didn't come close to dying once - well, except at around lvl 100, when the phone rang and I had no choice but to let her test the true worth of Crystal Skin for a few minutes whilst i took the call. Btw she was stood in the orc cave having 4 angry champion Orcs beating down on her (on platinum difficulty) when i had to take that call. No damage mitigation, just an obscene amount of armour that eventually reaches over 60k. For a caster she's solid and can eventually go toe to toe the the toughest enemies the game can throw at you. Hell, get bored fighting mobs - just go make yourself a cup of tea in mid battle and come back and finish them off.

Attribute points

1-50 - Stamina 51-200 - Stamina / Vitality 50/50

Skills (in order)

Mystic Stormite Lore - Character level - 1st Mastery

Armor Lore - 4th Mastery

Mystic Stormite Focus - Character level - 2nd Mastery

Riding - Nothing special here merely add 5 points to enable EP

Delphic Arcania Focus - Just add points to mod GI and to increase penalty level

Concentration - 1 point is all that's required as to run two buffs

Enhanced Perception - Character level - 3rd Mastery. After reaching mastery I only add points once in awhile and let relics and magic find jewels do the rest

Ancient Magic - Whilst it took me awhile to master this, don't underestimate the power of this little gem.

Shield Lore - I left this at 1 point and let the +all skills do the rest

Constitution - i have to admit after swearing by this skill with previous builds, i never felt the need to unduly pump points into this on this occasion. If at any time I felt i needed a little more hit points, I added points, but never felt any urgency to master it with this build.


Crystal Skin : Mirror-Cold-Expertise

Glacial Thorns : Fusillade-Pierce-Fusillade

Raging Nimbus : Hurricane-Momentum-Cyclone

Cascading Shroud : Mist-Inconspicuous-Facileness

i simply modded Crystal Skin first, then fully modded GT second as I felt i was doing enough damage early on but like all HE's, felt the toon was somewhat fragile, so i went for defence first and attack second.

i fully modded RN at level 35 and I have to admit, this little beauty makes mince meat of mobs. I think it is actually just as potent as Blazing Tempest when it comes to mobs tbh. The only difference being, champions don't go down quickly. But hey, that's what GT is for.

Grand Invigoration : Storm Exp-Replenish-Resillience

With the rest DA aspects just mod them as and when you add points and because they really don't come into play all that often, i'll leave you to decide on how to mod Shadow Step et al.

Eating Runes

I ate an insane amount of GI runes and kept my CS rune munching at penalty level. Around level 60 I managed to get the regen time of both RN and GT down to 0.0 (yeah you read that correctly) so I just necked those particular runes until my regen times went back up to 0.3. I wouldn't advise eating any more than 1 GT and RN runes until you have your regen time firmly under control for obvious reasons.

Early doors play-style:

By God whatever you do do not go running head first into groups of undead as they'll cabbage you in no time at all and it will be game over before you can say BAST....!!!!!!!

For the hunting grounds and giving any undead a wide berth until later on, i used the road between Sloeford and Thylysium (Kat's pyro route). Alternatively, you can go across the Gold coast and make your way up to the White Griffin (don't fight it - low level ice damage against decent ice armour doesn't bode well for the player. It ain't big and it certainly isn't clever to do so). Hunting grounds at or around lvl 20ish, just head to the Orc cave and give those bad boys some of that pent up ire.

Weapons and armour

I'll be honest here and i know a lot of people won't agree with me here, but something i always got frustrated about when i was new to the game and when reading these guides was how heavily most authors focused on specific gear, + skill rings and hard to find weapons. We wouldn't be reading these guides if we had those fancy weapons and +12 all skill rings etc, because if you have those things at hand, the chances are you'd already know enough about the game to be making your own builds.

Aye, Tinwora's Curse is a nice little weapon to have on a caster, but it's not easily available, so until you have your EP up and running on full, just equip any weapon and armour that has sockets (or A socket), visit a blacksmith and get those armour and defence enhancements nailed on to your gear.

As the game progresses and you come across +ice damage rings etc, just replace some of that defence for damage as Crystal Skin will be up and running by now so you can do away with some of those defensive goodies from earlier. Evasion rings and amulets are very handy too.

Why did I choose EP over Bargaining?

Simple. Unless you already have a shopper, shopping ain't fun as you bought this game to kill things, not to go spend 30 hours playing a shopping sim. EP rewards you for playing the game in the manner in which most of us enjoy playing it - killing everything in sight or opening shiny chests and crates et al. Shiny is good and EP makes shiny objects even more gooder than gooder itself.

i used EP for the first time on my previous character and vowed from then on I was never going back to Bargaining as the amount of gear and weapons to be had from having EP up and running is nothing short of insane.

After spending a few hours in the orc cave I had accumulated 3 Ice flashes, 2 Tinwora's, 4 blood of the Dryads and more set pieces than my chest could hold. It really is that powerful. Granted you won't get dozens of +skill rings, but you'll have the gear, the weapons and a not too shabby cache of decent rings and amulets.

EP= Bargaining with a lot less effort and time imo.

In a nutshell

As McFly once sang - It's all about the Buffs, folks. THE BUFFS!!! Don't leave home without them

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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