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At first sight Nemaya looks like one of the Dryad Rangers who live in the Jungle and look after the nature of this region. But actually she has a longer story to tell. Once she was an adventurer who wandered around the lands of Ancaria together with her friends and brother-in-arms - Turok the Orc, Seriefa the Shaman and Failitia the Seraphim. But after spending a lot of time travelling and fighting, they finally decided to settle down in the lands of the Jungle. But their retirement wasn't as quiet as they expected... Some mysterious crimes take place in the Jungle last days. And some time ago Turok visited Nemaya's place and told her that people blame these misdeeds on Failitia. Since both Turok and Nemaya are sure that their friend is innocent, they considered Failitia to be in some serious trouble. Now Nemaya tries to find somebody who would help her to find out the truth about Failitia and her part in the recent crimes.




  • In Community patch v100 Nemaya's quest is impossible to decline. Once you talk to her, the quest is accepted.
  • This NPC shares a name with a playable Ranged Dryad, who belongs to Barristan, the quest-writer of The Impostor chain.