Sacred 2:Nimantus the Lumberjack

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In the quest The Lost Amulets

Nimantus the Lumberjack has been waiting impatiently for 3 protection amulets form the Mages Guild to help ward off the numerous wolves seen in the vicinity. Completing The Lost Amulets quest will allow the lumberjacks to go out in relative safety while wearing these amulets.

In the quest Tragic End

You find a letter addressed to him from his daughter. Seems he wanted his daughter to marry Nomengalus. She refused and ran away with her beloved Feniwyn. But they were ambushed by Kobolds in northern Tyr Lysia. Feniwyn is dead and she says she will soon be. In the letter she asks that you deliver to her father. After a long trek you give the lumberjack the letter and he asks to be left alone to grieve.