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Pole Arms Weapons Modifiers for Poles

Item Level refers to the minimum level the item must be for the modifier to be able to appear. The item level 70 modifier requires the Pole Arms mastery for it to be unlocked.

Item Level 1 25 70 - Requires Mastery
Modifier Chance to hit additional opponents Opponent's defense value Opponent's attack value

Damage Types

  • Poles typically deal physical damage, however depending on the weapon they will also deal any of the other Damage Types. The additional damage types are not restricted to a single one at a time, the players can have Poles that have multiple elemental damages, allowing for several different Secondary Damage Effects being possible without any additional gear.


  • High


Types of normal Poles modified by Dexterity

  • Glaive
  • Lance
  • Pike

Common Poles

icon13.gif Note

  • The final three weapons shown above are scythes that were activated with the Community Patch. They can be found or bought as yellow (rare) items, but only with the CM Patch installed. Despite their scythe-like appearance they are classified as Poles.

Notable Poles

Unique Poles:

Community Patch Unique Poles:


  • Poles can bear a strong visual resemblance to Two-Handed Mage Staffs. Be sure to check item types carefully to avoid confusion.

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