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Rinarn is still new in the army. He isn't even sure what his preferred fighting style is. But he was the one who managed to escape the pirates, who have captured his fellow soldiers. You can find him standing next to his superior, Lieutenant Niran. While Niran is badly injured and unable to fight, Rinarn is still able to hold his bow or sword and therefore wishes to assist you in rescuing his comrades.



  • Private Rinarn is involved in the Tutorial Hirelings quest. He is the hireling that will accompany you in this mission.

A Hireling

While completing the Tutorial Hirelings quest, you'd have to fight together with Private Rinarn. Here is his description as a hireling:

  • Private Rinarn is a mortal NPC (will be hurt if hit, and will die if not healed).
  • He is a fighting hireling.
  • You can choose his fighting style: he may be either a sword user or a bow user.


  • Private Rinarn is one of the NPCs you can find very early in the game.
  • Though he is able to fight either with the bow or with the sword, it's better to make him a bow user.
  • Rinarn plays a big part in this quest, since if he dies you'd ‘fail’ the quest.