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When the Inquisitor arrives in Sloeford, he would see this young lady standing on the central square of this town. Though she doesn't look familiar to the Inquisitor, she approaches him and claims he knows her father... That would be their first but not last meeting. While playing the Inquisitor, you'd meet Shirka many times in various places. That would help you to know more about her story... and about your own character as well.



  • Shirka Alana - NPC is quest giver for the Shirka Alana quest, the first part of Inquisitor's character-specific chain quest (his 'blue chain').

A Companion

While completing the Shirka Alana quest, as well as some other quests of the Inquisitor's 'blue chain', you'd have to travel together with Shirka.


  • She won't appear unless you play as the Inquisitor in Single Player mode.
  • After you talk to her in Sloeford (twice), Shirka would ran away. Next time you'd meet her in a small brigand camp north-east of Twainbrook.
  • Some parts of Shirka's story resemble the famous Star Wars plot, which allows to consider her quest one of the Star Wars Easter Eggs.