Sacred:Therion X' The Poison Lady, Guide for playing the Daemoness with Poison Ring only.

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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.


Hey everyone,

gogoblender asked me to post some Daemon Stuff here.

At the Moment, I am a little Bit lazy, so I'll just copy - modify - paste the Guides, I already put into the SIF. I'll write some more, maybe even more interesting Stuff later.

The Idea of this One is really simple: Poison Cloud only - potential Mass Killer? I tested it with lots of Deamon Ladies (at least 15 times) and got to a Point, where I proudly can say: Jah, Poison Cloud IS a Mass Killer! And a nice Side Effect is, that she finds lots of Runes.

So here are the Facts/Recommendations and a video:

Skills & Attributes

lvl 1: Weapon Lore (for Poison Cloud Damage) -> 100 Points here. Experienced Players only choose it and get the Rest per Boni.

lvl 1: Concentration (for its Regeneration) -> 100 Points here.

lvl 3: Constitution (for more Life) -> Hold on Charlvl till 140!

lvl 6: Agility (the Defence is, what we're intrested in) -> at least 50 Points here.

lvl 12: Axe Lore (explained later) -> Maximum 28 Points.

lvl 20: Armor (for more Resistance) -> At least 50 Points here.

lvl 30: Parrying (for more Defence) -> As many as you can invest.

lvl 50: Dual Wielding (explained later) -> Nothing, just good to have.

At every Level Up, put the Point into Physical Regeneration. That's good for some Life and the Regeneration of Poison Deamon/Poison Cloud.

Combat Arts

Poison Deamon (Poison Cloud) This is, what we kill with, the Poison Cloud. The Best would be, if you kept the Reg Time of Poison Cloud about 50% of the Duration Time.

--- and just, if you want (but it isn't necessary) --- Call of Death Just bring it up to Level 36, where it's maxed in Time and Effect (60sec/6% Damage Bonus).



Pandora's Prophetic Circlet (Weapon Lore, Exp) or Dralkcib's Sneer (Weapon Lore, +x to all Special Moves) [note, that Pandora's Weapon Lore Bonus is higher than Dralkcib's at same Level and Difficulty]


Pandora's Scaly Armor oder some Rare with Reg Special Move and/or Weapon Lore. [Pandora's Armour just would be a good defensive Alternative]


Dralkcib's Hips (+x to all Skills, RSM, phys. Reg)


Dralkcib's Bones (+Poison Deamon)


Rares with RSM and/or Weapon Lore


Pandora's Evil Spur (+Poison Deamon, + to all Skills)


Rares with RSM and/or Weapon Lore


Rares with RSM and/or Weapon Lore


-Fadalmar's Embossed Axe, complete [Axe Lore minimum 10] (a lot of Crit, also from Set Bonus and Fireballs) -Tree Rage [Axe Lore minimum 28!] (+x to all Special Moves, Split and a Bunch of Poison Damage +xx%)


Those are just Reccomendations, you could put into sockets or equip it possible.

Arhles T'Gaw's Hoop (Weapon Lore, Poison Damage +xx%, Exp)

Goilomn Gilifon's Brooch of Diligence (Weapon Lore, Exp)

Dragon Ring* (phys Reg, Weapon Lore, RSM, Exp, Crit)

Dragonslayer's Ring* (a looooot of phys Reg, very good for Poison Cloud's Regeneration)

Pandoras Ring (Crit, Lifeleech)

Rares with RSM, Weapon Lore, Crit, Split, Poison Damage +xx%, Lifeleech.

[* I'm not sure, if they're called like that in the English Version. I'll try to some find Pictures of them]

[Edit: English name "Dragonslayer's Ring" inserted]

Play Style

Her Strengh is her Weakness: The Poison Lady needs Groups of Enemies to level effectively. And the Plan is simple: Cast Poison Deamon and (if you like) Call of Death. Collect many, many Enemies, make sure, they all are near you. Do your Poison Cloud and watch them die. After a Moment of Running around do another Poison Cloud to kill the splitted Enemies.

Everything's dead and you can happily collect Items, you want. The best Exp-Location is Hell's Ridge. But it's very dangerous there, but still possible. Other Good Locations for this Lady are: Orc Cave, Orc Desert, Lava Region, Ghost Forrest, Golem Cave (extremely dangerous, but my Favourite (dunno, if they all are known like this here)

If you want to play her on Hell's Ridge or in the Valley of Tears, be warned! This Deamoness is nothing for weak Nerves and slow Fingers! You have to react very fast in certain Cases and also need to be brave enough to collect very many Enemies together. In Ancaria, she doesn't have any Problems in the right Locations (those with dense Enemy Population).


There's an alternative Skilling, in my Opinion the 2nd-best One.. You could take Meditation or Hell Power instead of Axe Lore. Therefore, you can use Call of Death and two finished Prototypes, that gives you a whole Bunch of extra RSM and Crit! With Call of Death at Maximum (lvl 36 -> 60s, 6% Damage Bonus), you even can one hit the Enemies on Hell's Ridge (I'm sorry I don't know their english Names) on Platin with 8 Players on the Server! But to get that, you need some Sense for Perfection 2

So for now, that's it. I hope you like it and got curious. And for any Questions: Just ask, I'll try to answer and solve any Problems.

Greets, Therion X

P.S.: Thehehe, I like this One