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You can customize your game experience by adjusting several values in the SETTINGS.CFG file in the game home directory (usually this will be
c:\Program Files\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred Underworld). Many items are controlled with the in game control panel, and others should not be changed under any circumstances, but a few are changeable and can impact your game play. The following is a list of changes known to be "safe". Any text editor, such as Notepad, is suitable.

DEFAULT_SKILLS : (1 or 0) When set to 1, new characters will be created with the default 2 skills allocated. When set to 0, new characters will not have any skills allocated, allowing you to select from those available. At any given time, eight skills are visible from which to select.

The default skills will always be the first two skills listed when you have DEFAULT_SKILLS Off

UNIQUE_COLOR : (1 or 0) When set to 1, Uniques are shown in their customary Golden hue. When set to 0, all class specific items are shown in the character's distinctive color. This coloration also includes items normally shown in white (ordinary), blue (special) or yellow (rare). This can be of assistance when selecting items for later sale, as class specific items tend to bring much higher prices at the merchants.

COMBINE_SLOTS : (1 or 0)| When set to 0, Weapon Slots and Combat Arts slots work independently. When set to 1, weapon and CA slots are paired – 1 with 6; 2 with 7; etc. Thus a single keystroke will change both selections.

WARNING_LEVEL : xx The value shown represents the percent of life remaining when you will see the "red flash" warning. Use any number from 1 to 99. The higher the number, the sooner you will see the flash.

LADDER_EXPORT : (1 or 0) When set to 1, your character's information will be shown on the ladder at the Sacred International Forum. Applicable to Closed Internet characters only. When set to 0, your character information will not be shown on the highscore ladder.

SHOWPOTIONS : (1 or 0) When set to 1, the array of potion indicators is visible in the center of your control area. When set to 0, the potions indicators are not shown. If you find yourself accidentally drinking potions when moving in a southerly direction, you may wish to experiment with this value. The major drawback is there will be no visible indication when you have exhausted your potion supply