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Published at DarkMatters for review and discussion

High Damage Hybrid Seraphim...Next Gen Damage With WIDD


Before I start I would like to give full credit to Schot. His incredible insight into damage strategies and his ability to twist my arm into seeing his way allowed me to build this most incredible Wonderbabe. lol, a poor but extremely fun copy of his awesomely powerful mage now wreaking destruction through platinum. Thank You

The high damage seraphim thread I wrote up last year was tons of fun! I"m really glad that people found it interesting and tried out some of the ideas there. That thread had some great posters and wild ways of increasing damage! (knight's Mono-Elemental damage mods, Shai-Hullud's Racial Damage mods and Stalky's and Telenochek's great insight on Critical!)

Thanks to all the great people who voiced their thoughts, added their ideas, and basically made the seraphim a wonderfully resourceful character that even today still surprises me!

So is this new post a build? Hmmm, I don't know. As an exercise in seraphim capabilities, I'd like to hope, though, that it begins to match Knight of the Roses's revolutionary, ground breaking Archer seraphim that really showed us the depths of this game. So enjoy...and don't die!

My newest Wonderbabe has now hit level 110.


In one battle she has the capacity to:

  1. 1 Easily take out mobs 20 levels above her with an Attack CA of level 40 with a regen of 1.5...damage averaging between 25000-50000 per hit (even higher).
  1. 2 Cast 15 level 40 Celestial lights (CL) at once with a regen of 1.3 seconds, with damage ranging from 4000-7000 (higher even) per cl cast. (Incredibly useful for stunning and killing stubborn dragons or getting the attention of monsters to far too run to and so have them run to you )
  1. 3 Cast a level 89 Light buff 120 seconds with a regen of 25.9 seconds, with damage running at an average of 20000 per pulse (even higher).
  1. 4 Use Combat Jump level 24, with 1.9 second regen with damage ranging from 125000-250000 a jump (lol, I could do better but I've been lazy lately )
  1. 5 Lol, run away at a movement speed of 195! (While also dancing around, evading blows, and fireballs too ! )

Interesting stats:

Level 110 hc plat char Duel Wielder Chance to Critical: 85 percent Resistance: 2042 Defence: 1573 Life Leech: 6 percent Number of Defence ammies in slots: None!

How is this possible?

With what Schot and I think is probably the most powerful mod ever...

Wounds Increase Damage Dealt (WIDD).

WIDD rings and ammies have replaced all of my damage rings and defence ammies. I currently have close to 300% WIDD slotted. At this level (110) if any of you want to try out this build, I really recomend no WIDD ring of less than 24 percent just to get a try of the damage this build is capable of. WIDD increases ALL of my damage to such an extent that having so much defense on had become redundant. Basically WIDD gets better damage with the less health points you have. So...the more damage you want...the less health you have to have. What we've been doing is allowing a monster to knock our health down to a third or half...then go out killing Baddies. Tons of fun! The huge damage that you're now capable of dealing out now increases life leech capabilites as well...therefore this build needs less far less life leech. Indeed...if the life leech is too high...the huge damage done gives you back health far too quickly thereby reducing your ability to do another attack of high damage! This build is NOT for beginners. Your health meter must constantly be monitored. lol, just incase... I'd really only recommend this build for experienced players and not for the faint of heart. Understand that you are basically converting your healthpoints into your life meter will definitely flicker . WIDD's use for Light, RBOL, and CL are outstanding!. Sometimes it's fun to just wait and see how far this mod will go. By staying in one place and not using let your buff deal out higher and higher damage as your health points get lower and lower...with each higher amout of damage dealt out getting more life leech back! It's the last pulse that's scary but VERY thrilling..your health points are low...but that last pulse of Light or RBOL can do almost 70000 points of damage! (lol, quite addictive )

I found with this second version of WIDD Duel Wield, I was able to emulate the effects of the Armor skill without using it as a Skill choice by creating what I call a R and R slot. (Weapon Slot 3...Rest, Run and Relaxation! )

Weapon Slot 1-Melee Weapon slot 2-Celestial light Casting Slot Weapon slot 3-R and R slot Weapon slot 4-Light Casting Slot or Rbol Slot Weapon slot 5-Strength of faith or anything else you want slot

CA slot 6-Attack CA slot 7-Celestial light Ca slot 8-Combat Jump CA slot 9-Light or RBOL CA slot 10-Strength of faith or anything else you want to slot

Slot 3 is crucial to this build...

I had to reproduce the Armor skill...

  1. 1 Which increases movement speed when wearing higher level armor.
  2. 2 Gives Resistance to Damage.

So, in that slot I"ve put any two weapons or sword and shield combo, that have the highest possible speed mods on them. Also...all the available sockets on the selected items in slot 3 are socketed with any rings or amulets with the highest magic or spell regen possible.

After I finish a battle I'm able to toggle to slot 3 effortlessly, allowing me to run at VERY high speeds to the next mob while regenning my spells at a highly accelerated rate, all at the same time!

Armor's resistance is not needed anymore because the high damage this build is capable of results in an amplification of life leech capabilities.

Without having to choose Armor skill I was freed up to pick an additional skill...and so I chose meditation, allowing the creation of a truly unique Hybrid with powerful spell casting capabilites and VERY fast magic regen combined with astounding melee damage.

Hints: To Cast spells high and then regen them uber fast...make sure you only have items which increase spell levels on the slot you are casting them from.

Example of Battle:

Cast CL from slot with items that have high CL in them...After the cl is blasting away at level 40, for then switch to your melee slot where your huge melee damage comes into play, while your CL is still blasting away in the back ground at level 40! After spot another mob from a distance...toggle to your R and R slot... Boom! Increase in movement speed, AND level 40 Celestial light now regens at level 1 cl rate or better! (depending on how much magic regen you've socketed in that R and R slot) When you arrive for your next battle all your spells are ready for action once again! What's important to remember is that if you're going to socket items that increase magic damage...only the level of the cl that it was originally cast at remains the same, after you switch slots. Increasing magic damage through percentage modifiers to magic damage on items worn all the time stay with you all the time while the spell is blasting away. Putting percentage mods to magic damge on a slot you are casting the cl from will not. So very very important that! And, as yet, I"ve read no cl runes. All Cl levels are coming from carefully selected items. I'd like to point out that because the wield is Duel...I have the option of choosing from between ANY shield or weapon that has the highest CL on it., for awhile I was using TWO Wide Daggers of the Raab sisters!


  1. 1 To create a build like this you will probably need another character with Trading running at least twenty levels ahead of you to buy the WIDD rings you'll need to get the percentage to make the mod work

Or...have lots of great friends that don't mind helping you out! (Huge thanks to Schot, Strange, Keebler, Mortal Dream...and if I"ve forgotten anyone please, when I'm online...just kick me! )

  1. 2 You must constantly be landing blows...Strengh of Faith I luv ya! Also low regen times on whichever Ca you use for Attacking is crucial...if you're not landing blows and dealing damage, you're open to getting damaged VERY quickly.
  1. 3 Depending on the amount of risk you want to take you can literally dial in the damage you want to inflict.

Lower your healthpoints...then keep them low ...your damage will be high Or...if you don't want to have risk...simply play the game normally with the WIDD mod...what will happen is that the WIDD mod will act as a huge amplifier to Damage ergo more life leech ergo a quick return to full health. Lol, you're practically invulnerable! It's recommended that you start with AT LEAST 300 % WIDD to get the damage I"m getting.

  1. 4 Practice this build in softcore. I pretty much only play hc, and so I was pretty scared the first time I was bullied into trying this out. So I practiced by exporting my HC chracacter to Open, thereby getting used to seeing my life meter flash WAY more and getting a feel for a character that lives so seemingly close to the edge.

But...repeated tests in softcore have proven that this mod is unbelievably powerful for a skilled player. lol, sometimes it takes a great deal of faith to believe that the mod whill kick in at the last minute and blow every monster to smithereens! Watching your healthpoints get lower ...and lower Watching the damage you inflict get higher... and higher! While remembering that each blow you inflict leeches you back a larger and larger number of health points each time.

  1. 5 Myself I'm comfortable with 6% life leech...if you're not, simply adjust your life leech accordingly...What will happen is that your health will say practically full all the time, but you will be trading in some damage.
  1. 6 This MOD lends itself excellently to experienced players of ALL classes.

Schot will publish his guide soon and it's a whammy!

  1. 7 Obviously this build has great merit to characters that can attack from a distance...Anyone feel like trying out a Ebolts Wounds Seraphim?
  1. 8 Absolutely get used to the idea of having a buff.

Yes you can kill almost everything really fast...but a buff is now your new armor...remember your protection comes from landing blows...never forget that.

  1. 9 You should only start switching ammies and damage rings to WIDD rings at platinum...and when you've got enough Rings to reach almost 300 %
  1. 10 So what do I have socketed now?

lol, only Wounds and Rsm...that's it!

lol, of course...i'm always looking for ways to improve my damage...I really want to see a seraphim hit in the millions! Is it possible? Got any ideas guys?

Cheers and have fun with WIDD!