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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.

The Dark elf Fire trapper


Well, I’ve never really found a guide on how to make a fire trapper, which is kind of strange, because from my experience they are really good. I’m not really a guide writer, but I’m going to try to explain how I make my fire trappers. However, I’m Swedish, so excuse grammatical mistakes and strange expressions. And if you have any questions, comments etc feel free to post them.

I try to build my trappers a bit like tanks, keep my main trap reg time between 0.5-1-5 seconds, have a pretty good LL and boost constitution skill as high as possible, and a fire trapper can become a really tough tank.

This is the skills I like to take for my fire trappers:

*Dual wielding is not a must for this build, since you might want to collect a full Huron set (Huron set contains a shield), however, DW is a great skill to have and opens up a lot of build possibilities.

    • Hehe, Sword Lore you might think, what’s the point? Well, I took it so I could use the aarnum stuff, which give good fire dmg bonus and LL. It’s a completely optional skill, and trading or parrying work as well.

As with most builds, keep WL and constitution as high as possible. Ballistics and Trap Lore should be as high as possible as well. When it comes to DW, BC and SL, I mostly put 1-10 points into them, IMO you don’t need more. I like to keep armor at least half my level. If you take trading instead of SL, max it out and get a trade suit (and search forum for more info concerning trade skill). The skills disarming, concentration, agility and parrying I find to be useless for this build. Riding can be taken if you like horses. however, riding is not necessary for this build either.


There are a lot of combinations with attribute points for Dark Elf, and when it comes to trapper I mostly put them all into Physical Regeneration and boost the others up with items.

Combat arts:

The main attack trap for this build is Explosive Charge with Adrenaline and Soul Catcher* as defense. Not sure how many dark elf players who uses soul catcher, but it’s very helpful, and I find it really good for this build. I like to keep a 5-15 seconds gap between soul catcher and adrenaline at early lvls, using this strategy: Cast the soul catcher and then adrenaline. When you see the soul catcher symbol disappear you know adrenaline will run out soon. This is similar to the testo/addy strategy Mjjolnir’s guide teaches us for poison dark elves, but since this is a fire trapper, Testosterone is pretty useless. You can build a Fire trapper without soul catcher of course, if so keep addy as main and max it out as much as you can. Soul catcher is useful for a DE that has very low Life leech, or a DE using a lot of WIDD, meaning you can take a few hits and then heal yourself up.

*Remember, undead has no souls, but since they’re weak to fire, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them. And you still have addy as defence.

Ok, what other Ca’s to use? Well, from here you can chose and experiment a lot yourself, the main attack is Explosive Charge. You can take Confusion/Battle Fog for some extra cover or a Mongoose for short cuts and quick escapes (if needed, this is supposed to be a tank, hehe

You remember me saying testo is pretty useless; well I use it together with Bottomless Pit as dmg back-up and surprise attacks, will tell more about it in the survival strategy section (or what to call it). Pak-Dain can be used as well, good for desert/forest areas, you can bomb the melee mob to hell while the archers kills them selves, hehe. As I said, the EC, addy an SC (optional) is most important for this build, the others can be chosen by you, just don’t come to me and cry if it doesn’t work.

Survival and combat strategies:

I will start with some advantages/disadvantages compared to poison trappers.

A Poison Mist trapper has the advantage of the PM’ duration and also the poison effect on poison weak opponents, that is it slows them down. The EC is a one hit trap, but it deals a lot more dmg.

A PM trapper can boost his dmg with testo, not only with rings/ammys/items. However, a PM trapper has to be aware of the testo expiring and dmg dropping, this is no problem for a fire trapper; he mainly has to focus on the addy.

Boosting the fire dmg:

Since you can’t use testo to increase the EC trap, you need to find another way to do it. This is not hard; there are rings, ammys, armors, blades and swords with bonus for fire dmg. Many Dark elf blades has both fire dmg and +fire dmg boost. Do notice that +fire weapon dmg is useless for this build. The aarnum rings I spoke of earlier in this “guide” are very useful. And of course, a full Huron set is excellent for a fire trapper. And the most important thing is to increase the EC trap it self with runes and +all combat art items etc, just try to keep the reg time as low as possible. And also, the + spell dmg smith art works for the EC trap as well (they work for PM and BP too, just a reminder), so use them as much as you can, at higher difficulty lvls they give a very good boost to both fire dmg and physical dmg, better then most of the rings with +fire dmg actually.

In combat: LL, critical hit and addy/SC in harmony to come closer to the tank warrior:

As with all builds and characters, Life Leech and “chance to land a critical hit” is very useful and important. And together with EC, addy, SC, you can get a very good killing machine.

Just a reminder: A good thing with EC is that you can throw it on enemies that haven’t seen you yet, which gives a good advantages.

Fighting mobs always has its risks of course, but a fire trapper (as a poison trapper) is a good mob killer. Keep addy and SC running and try to aim the EC so it hits as many as possible, the more you hit, the faster the kill. If you have LL, the high dmg given from EC heals you very quick and the SC heals if needed when you’ve killed the mob and addy greatly reduces the chance of even taking dmg. I’m gonna try to describe this more exactly in some combat situations in areas I’ve experienced can be very common and good for raising lvls.

The khorad desert is fun IMO, and orc mobs are very common. An orc mob of 4 warriors, 2 archers and a chieftain launch an attack. My EC kills all melee orcs and severely dmg the chieftain. I like to keep the EC that when the first strikes, the next can be launched. So next EC is aimed at the archers, kills them both, then I finish the chieftain off with a 3rd EC. I have full health when battle is over and I am ready for another mob.

The Bear Cave in VoT is a good and hard place for experience. 4 golems run towards me, the first lands a blow that removes more then half my life. I throw the EC and it hits all 4 golems, one golem dies instantly with the critical hit, and my LL heals me back to full health. I’ve already thrown my second EC and it kills the rest. They manage to hit me before death, but the LL and the SC gives me full health once again. And I of course have pots if I would take too much dmg, hehe. Never leave home without them.

I have tried both situations in HC platinum, so I know it works on high difficulty and against high level enemies. I have also at this moment reached niobium lvl, and tested this strategy in Khorad-Nur, it's working without any problems.Will as soon as possible go to VoT at niob lvl.

Well, the BP/Testo technique I spoke of, not necessary, but can be useful. The BP trap deals both fire and poison dmg, and since you boost fire dmg the BP can hurt a lot mixed with testo, even at low BP/Testo lvl. BP is good for surprise attacks on strong enemies like dragons or in hero cave. Just throw a lot of BP’s on ground and lure the dragon inside them while bombing it with EC’s. In hero cave, just throw them on the ground before opening the grave/s.

Ok, not sure if you need to know anything more, but if there is, feel free to ask. And as I said, I’m no guide writer so I’m sorry if it isn’t very well written. Hope it will help someone out.