Sacred:Therion X' Miss Bolt Thrower, Guide for playing the Daemoness with Energy Bolts only.

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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.


Hey everyone,

Here's the second Guide from the SIF (I didn't even post in in GSF, feel honoured). This Time, a Build, that's hated by nearly every Player I know. But it's possible and Fun to play her! The Build I'm talking about: A pure Energy Daemoness, killing with Energy Bolts and nothing more. Well, as far as I know, I'm the first and (meanwhile) on of three Players, who reached Niob with that Deamoness Link *grin* But, at least for every Deamoness Fan and Perfectionist: Give her a Try, it's really Fun

So here are the Facts/Recommendations and a video:

Skills & Attributes

lvl 1: Weapon Lore (for Energy Bolts' Damage) -> 100 Points here. Experienced Players only choose it and get the Rest per Boni.

lvl 1: Concentration (for its Regeneration) -> 140 Points here.

lvl 3: Constitution (for more Life) -> 100 Points here.

lvl 6: Agility (the Defence is, what we're intrested in) -> at least 50 Points here.

lvl 12: Dual Wielding -> nothing, just good to have

lvl 20: Armor (for more Resistance) -> At least 50 Points here.

lvl 30: Parrying (for more Defence) -> As many as you can invest.

lvl 50: Meditation (for CoD's Reg Time) -> 10 Points max. You get more than you need with Boni. For those, who are somewhat brave at the Beginning: Choose it and get the Rest per Boni.

At every Level Up, put the Point into Physical Regeneration. That's good for some Life and the Regeneration of Energy Deamon/Energy Bolts.

Combat Arts

Energy Daemon (Energy Bolts) This is, what we kill with, the Energy Bolts. The best Reg Time is 1s and below.

Call of Death

Just bring it up to Level 36, where it's maxed in Time and Effect (60sec/6% Damage Bonus).


Head Pandora's Prophetic Circlet (Weapon Lore, Exp) or Dralkcib's Sneer(Weapon Lore, +x to all Special Moves) [note, that Pandora's Weapon Lore Bonus is higher than Dralkcib's at same Level and Difficulty]

Torso Rares with RSM and/or Weapon Lore

Belt Dralkcib's Hips (+x to all Skills, RSM, phys. Reg)

Legs Rares with RSM and/or Weapon Lore

Shoes Rares with RSM and/or Weapon Lore

Shoulders Rares with RSM and/or Weapon Lore

Arms Rares with RSM and/or Weapon Lore

Hands Dralkcib's Claws (Energy Daemon, +x to all Skills)

Weapons Two finished Prototypes (Magic Damage +xx%, Crit, RSM)

Rings/Amuletts Same here, those are just Recommendation, you coult put into your Sockets or equip, if possible.

[* I'm still not sure, if it's called like that in the English Version. I'll try to find a Picture of it] [** Why Mental Regeneration? Well, this Attribute boosts Magic Damage. Really, it's proven!]

Play Style & additional Comments

First a Word to the finished Prototypes: Their Damage for close ranged Battle isn't of interest. So all we look at, are the Boni, and they are static per Difficulty. Therefore, it's good to have 2 of the smallest possible Swords per Difficulty. And here we go: Silver - min18, Gold - min54, Platin - min90, Niob - min150. So just send another Character ahead to get them as early as possible.

Here, Call of Death is quite necessary. Unfortunately, the Energy Daemoness is neither a Speed Killer, nor a Mass Killer. But to kill at least fast enough to level properly, Call of Death is well important.

And now for the Playstyle:

Cast Energy Daemon & Call of Death and look for an Enemy or a Group of Enemies. Make them run to you, don't run to them. BECAUSE you need some Time to unleash your Bolts. Therefore you got to find a good Timing. But you surely get it after a While.

At the Beginning you have Problems just to kill even one Enemy. But on Bronze you still can hit them with your Weapon. Just be patient, she'll rock.

You can level her everywhere, except the Cave with those blue Frost Giants (?) and the Valley of Tears. I didn't try out Garema, because I lost so many Characters there, that I just don't want to go there anymore. You even can go to Hell's Ridge with her. But there, you need a very good Sense of timing. For Valley of Tears: I tried out one single Golem, Me: lvl170, Golem: lvl184.. 13 Bolts á 40k Damage with a Regtime of 0.7s... I took me about 3 (three!) Minutes to Kill that single Dude!


If you like her, better don't do Team play with her. For some weird Reasons, your own Bolts can attack yourself. But this happens, as far as I observed it, only, when playing in a Team.. Although you've got massive Magic Resistance, you can get BIG Damage, that can kill you.. It already happened to me.

That's it, I hope you like it. If there are Questions, I'll try to answer them and solve the Problem

Greets, Therion X

P.S.: I'll write some more Stuff tomorrow.. gotta go sleep now P.S.s.: Bwahaha, his One rocks