Sacred 2:Charge Integrator

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This unique two-handed magic staff will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed.

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Item Modifiers


  • Design Notes: "For the ancient Ancarian races, magic and technology did not look like opposing concepts. After all, both ventures could be powered by the same T-Energy, which some scientists called "the essence of magic" and others used as a fuel to build machines. With enough T-Energy accumulated in one place, everything is possible, as heroes find out by investigating the fate of the Great Machine, which defined the fates of Ancarian people and probably the current shape of the world. This staff is of course not the Great Machine, but a portable device powered by charged T-Energy. But that is enough to greatly enhance its owner's combat prowess in a simple but effective way. One does not have to be a warrior or mage of great skill to be able to use this device to great effect - when the charge stored in the staff is added to the owner's abilities, the resulting damage is devastating. At the same time, supercharged atmosphere around the staff stuns opponents with lightning strikes while protecting the owner from magic and energy."
  • This item has an extraordinarily high damage output compared to similar 2h magic staffs of the same level, in addition to the rare property of an armor bonus on a weapon.
  • The design of this staff was inspired by the T-Energy machinery scattered around Ancaria.