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The Rune Master is an NPC usually found in towns. For gold, he will exchange one or more of your Runes for a specific rune. Rune Masters generally look like wizards and have a distinct orange symbol over their heads: runemaster.png. This symbol also appears on the map and minimap. If you see the icon on the map but can't find the Rune Master, look for the symbol on the shop sign - the runemaster may have gone inside the building. You can usually hear the sound of them casting spells when you are nearby.

Elf Region
Human Region
Desert Region

Locate all Runemasters on the SacredWiki Map of Ancaria

Up to four runes may be given to a Rune Master. The number of runes a player has in offer to exchange, influences the fee for the exchange. The more runes offered, the less expensive the exchange. If a players has plenty of gold, they may exchange runes on a 1:1 (or 2:1) basis so fewer runes are wasted in the exchange.

Rune Exchange Screen
Rune Exchange Rates at Rune Master:
  • 1 rune for 1 rune: 125,000 gold
  • 2 runes for 1 rune: 25,000 gold
  • 3 runes for 1 rune: 5,000 gold
  • 4 runes for 1 rune: 500 gold

The Rune Master also in some ways acts as a Merchant. He will buy items from you, and will sell jewelry.