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There are many statues in Ancaria. Some tell a tale of the past. Some enlighten us with wisdom. And some statues are there to aid the heroes of Ancaria.

The SacredWiki Map of Ancaria can be used to locate all known Hero and God Statues.

Hero Statues

All statues with a "Hero of Ancaria" inscription will give about a 30 second buff with a 100% experience bonus in every difficulty. The player can try luring as many mobs as possible to the statue and start killing.

  • Note: These statues will not work for the Dragon Mage if he is using the Dragon Familiar buff modified with the Bronze "Insight" mod. It has its own experience bonus that will override the statues. Furthermore, there is a bug present in the Ice and Blood expansion that prevents statues or combat art effects from stacking with gear bonuses. This means that if the character already has any Experience per kill +X% gear equipped neither hero statues nor combat arts will provide their bonus, despite it displaying in the summation tool-tip (Σ).

God Statues

Statues of the player's chosen god will regenerate part of their Divine Gift. Each time the player prays to the statue, the remaining regen time is reduced by 25%.


Other Statues

From city centers to abandoned ruins, Ancaria is filled with decorative statues. Some are ancient while others are being freshly sculpted. Most of these statues have text that pops up on mouse-over, usually a description of the statue or perhaps a quote from a famous writer.

Ambrose Bierce
Dragon Sea Islands
Dragon Sea Islands Inscription
Elf Sculptor
Guardian of Souls
Medias of Griffinborough
Orc Hero
Trallheim Manor
Mr. Bombastic
Gronkor's Grave
Wantanor the Magnificent

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