Sacred 2:Totem Only - Voodoo Build, My Gatling Gun

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Totem Only - Voodoo Build, My Gatling Gun

By Chrona

@Viper: used your guide as blueprint- thx

The Totem Dryad! I tried a new Dryad(thx Sparks for the idea). tested in SP Lvl 65/200. Started yesterday in closed-hc. Lvl 31 in gold

1: Attributes.

2: Skills.

875 Points

3: Combat Arts and Modifications.

Aspect: Cabalistic Voodoo

- Malicous Totem . Read only 1 rune Use Shrunkenheads to push the damage

  • Bronze: Solid
  • Silver: Pointed
  • Gold: Expert

- Moribund Animus Read as many runes as possible and watch at your Totem reg-time(7-8sec)

  • Bronze: Malice
  • Silver: Elevation
  • Gold: Headhunter

- Black Curse. Keep @ focus penalty lvlOnly for bosses

  • Bronze: Porous
  • Silver: Elongate
  • Gold: Dispel

Aspect: Nature Weaver

- Acute Mind. Keep @ focus penalty lvl or higher. You can pump this ca with lots of runes.

  • Bronze: Proficiency
  • Silver: Insight
  • Gold: Easiness (This is the mod that reduces the regen time for every ca used)

- Tangled Vine. Read only 1 rune. Use gear mods to increase ca lvl. Only for bosses

  • Bronze: Tendrils
  • Silver: Singe
  • Gold: Intent

- Goldenglade Touch. Keep @ focus penalty lvl

  • Bronze: Flow
  • Silver: Persevere
  • Gold: Diligence

- Ancient Bark. Read as many runes as possible without going over 50-60% regen penalty.

  • Bronze: Rugged
  • Silver: Divert
  • Gold: Invigorate

4: Weapons and Armor.

5: Playstyle

  • Mod Ancient Bark first
  • Stay away from fire damage. With bark on you take 20% more fire damage.
  • Deathblow is very important.
  • The first levels you've to kill with your weapon
  • Stay away from mobs with reflect. Totem will be reflec too
  • cast your Totem--> activate acute Mind

6: Videos. Work in Progress (I will be posting new videos as soon as possible)

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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