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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.


I have been playing with this build now some time and it's so fun I thought I share it with you. This build isn't something "totally new" as it's magic build and here is so much Seraphim guides already so it's really hard to think "outside-of-the-box"

Basic idea:

Do as much damage undead as possible and still be able to handle most of the other foe types.


Magic Lore - maxed

Meditation - 1 point, you get tons of boost to this from gear

Heavenly Magic - some points to lower casting animation times, you also get boost to this from gear. Still better use this one to bring regen times down.

Constitution - Atleast half of your level

Armor - Use points when you can

Parrying - Same as whit armor

Agility (or something else) - Random points.. depending are you taking agility or DW or sword lore or what ever

Trading (or something else) - Maxed if taking Trading, if not. It depens on you.


Light: Your main spell and the source of your damage against undead. Turn every rune into Light, read and socket as much you can. It's hard to get regen times higher than duration.

Rbol: Your support spell on lower levels. I say lower levels because it will become only good for leeching life and splitting when you get higher and fight against something other than demons or undead. Main reason is that you only read one rune and get rest from the gear. Really easy boost much higher level whit Sereish set.

Lightning Bolt: For champions and Mages/chiefs. Really easy spell to boost into very high level whit gear.. only one rune readed is enought.

Celestial Light: Your support spell on higher levels. Just because then your regen time allows you to spam as many you like and whit good booster slot you can get it do lot of damage whit low regen. This also will be your main killer against non-undead or demon creatures. One rune needed.

Conversion: Now you really must wonder, why? well, when you want to move and not bother to kill those hard to kill foes (high magic resistance foes whit lot of health, like golems), you can just ignore them whit this spell or cause confusion when foes start to fight each other. Again only one rune is needed as you are getting boost from booster slot.


Anything from sereish and Talia mels. Also if you can get Arhles t'gaws wings, they will help you alot if you don't want to spend your all your slots to LL. They boost heavenly magic and give huge LL whit three sockets, not bad I say. Weapon you really want to find is Dagger of raab sisters as it boosts Celestial light, Rbol and Conversion.

+1 spells ammys as many you can find, also +1 skills will help. It's nice to have some Crit but Sereish will give you enought on gear allready so don't bother socketing more if you have other goodies to socket. Split is really really usefull.. get atleast 3%, it will make more mess.. ehh.. more exp from those exploding zombies and ghouls. Spell regen is not that important as your spells are "low level" originaly.. it may be helpfull tho.. but nothing to be looking for many hundreds or put into sockets.

Places where to hunt undead and demons:

Undead Cave, Faeries Crossing

Khorad desert, big packs of skeles etc

Pirate Isles

Valley of Tears, near the teleport.. altho small warning, some of these undead has magic resistance

Nuk nuk forest: Yup, nuk-nuks are undead. Problem is, you need to find place where is most nuk-nuks as you won't be able to kill other foes as fast as nuk-nuks

Dryad Forest: Shadow Warrior cave near the merchant.. haven't yet tested how light works there, but at least in VoT Light also works against Shadow warriors even tho they are demons.


Use Light always when undead's around. Rbol on always too if you can. Celestial Light when killing mobs. Lightning when fighting against strong monsters and/or ranged/mage type foes.

Still yet to discover, does Light radius +X work with Light spell as it seems that max Radius in Light is 700. And how well this would work if built in DW hybrid form. And how great if used like DS can be used.. cast on several npc's or other players. One tic kills for sure after that.