Sacred:Therion X' Death comes from Above, Guide for playing the Daemoness with Dive Attack.

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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.


Hey everyone,

Now, I'd like to share my Experiences with a Daemoness, that survives with only 1% Life Leech on Niob and can kill EVERYTHING with just one Hit, except one sinlge Enemy.

There are many Ways to skill a dive-attacking Daemoness, and I want to show you my favourite (and most damage-dealing) Way to play her. Well okay.. there are two Versions of that one Way

-= The Perfectionist's Way =-

Skills & Attributes

lvl 1: Weapon Lore (for the dealt Damage) -> 100 Points here. Experienced Players only chose it and get the Rest per Boni.

lvl 1: Meditation (for Spell Regeneration) -> about 100 Points here.

lvl 3: Sword Lore (for Aarnums Set) -> 10 Points here.

lvl 6: Constitution (for more Life) -> 100 to 140 Points here.

lvl 12: Concentration (for Dive Attack's Regeneration) -> 100 to 140 Points here.

lvl 20: Armor (for more Resistance) -> about 100 Points here.

lvl 30: Parrying (for some Defence) -> 100 to 140 Points here.

lvl 50: Hell Power (for additional Spell Regeneration) -> about 100 Points here.

All Attribute Points go into Strength, as it boosts Life, Weapon's Fire Damage and Attack Rating.

Combat Arts & Spells

1. Soaring Daemon

This is the Base for our Dive Attack. There is a little Trick, I don't know, its known here: Make a Combo with Soaring Daemon lvl1 and keep it for the Rest of your Journey. When you activate Soaring Daemon per Combo, you'll be able to use Dive Attack immediately, without having to wait for it's Regeneration. As the Flight Time isn't of Interest, this is the perfect Way, we wanna use it. The Combo's Regeneration depends on your Char's Level. So it will shrink constantly.

2. Dive Attack

Dive Attack is our Mob-, Boss- and generally Main Killer. You can read more Runes here, after you made the Soaring Daemon Combo, this is well important! And Dive Attack is it, whose Regeneration Time is important. The best Regeneration Time, I'd recomment you, is slightly below the Soaring Daemon Combo's Regeneration.

3. Infernal Power

Infernal Power is our Attack Rating and Fire Damage Buff, it is very important for this Daemoness. To maximize IP's Damage Boost Effectivity, always try to keep Pure Fire Damage (see Inventory - Weapon). Read everything, you find and until lvl255 even more often than Dive Attack itself. It's primary important to get huge Attack Rating at the Beginning.

4. Call of Death

To be honest, Call of Death isn't really important. But for some really freaky Damage, you can use it as well. If you want to use it, just read 36 Runes for max. Effect and Duration (6%, 60s).

Equipment & Jewelery

Head: Pandora's Prophetic Circlet (Weapon Lore, Exp,)

Torso: Kleb-Dracad's Guardian (Hell Power) or Taelon's Breastplate of Magic (x to all Spells, Spell Reg, ment. Reg) or Rares with Reg Special Move and Weapon Lore

Shoulders: Kleb-Dracad's Recuperation (x to all Spells, Exp) or Pandora's Evil Spur (x to all Skills)

Arms: Draelokk's Appealing Arms (Infernal Power) or Rares with Reg Special Moves and Weapon Lore

Hands: Dralkcib's Claws (x to all Skills) or Rares with Reg Special Moves and Weapon Lore

Belt: Dralkcib's Hips (x to all Skills, RSM, phys Reg) or Pandora's Girdle of Frenzy (Infernal Power, Spell Reg)

Legs: Rares with Reg Special Move/Spell Reg and Weapon Lore.

Shoes: Rares with Reg Special Move/Spell Reg and Weapon Lore

Weapon: A Complete socketed Aarnum Sword. (Alternative: Aarnums Sword with 2x Aarnum's Adorning Wrath and 1x Aarnum's Thirst for Blood.)


There isn't very much, that is very perfectly fitting to this devastating Lady. But here are some:

Playstyle & Additional Comments

The Playstyle is easily described: Cast Infernal Power (and if you want to: Call of Death) and go hunting. When you see a Mob, cast the Soaring Daemon Combo, change to Dive Attack and stomp them into the Planet's Core. Even with a simple Left Click Hit, you can do far more than 2 Millions of Damage. So if there really are some Enemies, that survived your Dive Attack for some Reasons, you easily can kill them with simple Hits.

There are some Things that can mess up the whole Action, but there are easy, fast-to-use Workarounds:

1. After casting Soaring Daemon, I can't do Dive Attack.

  • Just move a Step aside. Then you can Attack properly.

2. After doing Dive Attack, I can't attack with Left Click.

  • Just move a Step aside to stop this Self-Stun.

3. After activating Infernal Power, I sometimes have Lags.

  • Put a one-handed Weapon and a Shield into your Second Weapon Slot.

When Lags are appearing, switch to that second Weapon Slot and back to the aarnum Slot. The Lags are gone, and it's done in half a Second.

I myself played such a Daemoness up to 180. At the Moment, she kills everything at lvl 220+, except for Lorinor of Tyr-Fasul. This Dragon has extreme Fire Resistance and very great Defence. But apart from this Dragon, she can Kill everything at every Level, Valley of Tears is a Joke with her, as well as Hell's Ridge and every Region else. Except for Garema, I still don`t want to go there.

Be warned! This is one of the most devastating Characters in Sacred. But also one of the most defenseless and resistanceless. You do truly huge Damage, but also get truly much Damage. So for Emergencies: Have a quick Finger on your Space Bar.

-= The 'safe' Way =-

Axe Lore instead of Sword Lore. -> 20 Points

Use Thain's Axe of Flames instead of Aarnum's Sword. Fill the Sockets with 2x Aarnum's adorning Wrath and 1x Aarnum's Thirst for Blood.

Useful Shield Possibilities: Ancient Defender, Adorno's Defense, Antic, Cubbi's Ultimate Pentacle, Dark Moon, Horrid Kite Shield, Kite Shield of the Guild, Mireille's Adept Paree, Warrior's Guardian.

This Version has more Defense and Resistance and might be more suited for 'unsurer' Players. With Thain's Axe of Flames, she does Way less Damage, but still enough for one hit most of your Enemies (but at same or slightly higher Levels).


So, that's it for Today. Hope, you like it. If there are any Questions open, feel free to ask. I'll try to solve the Problem(s).

Greets, Therion X