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This effect causes Ice Damage over Time. It can be inflicted by the weapons and Combat Arts of opponents and the player. It is NOT caused by the Secondary Damage Effect of Ice known as Freeze.

Damage Lore skill mastery, Spell Resistance/Spell Intensity check and Willpower Atribute don't affect it.

Combat Arts that Cause Damage Over Time: Ice

High Elf

HEff.gif Frost Flare


INds.gif Dislodged Spirit


Damage Mitigation: Ice +X%: modifier reduces DoT duration (as well as total damage: for example, if incoming DoT was to inflict 250 damage for 5 seconds it would be decreased by "Damage Mitigation:x +65%" to two seconds - 250 damage dealt by the first pulse and 187 damage a second later, summing up to 437 damage which is 35% of initial 1250). Modifier can stack with similar other without diminishing returns, so immunity can be achieved.

Spell Resistance skill mastery reduces the duration (as well as total damage).

Damage Over Time: Ice -X% reduces the duration (as well as total damage), modifier can stack with similar modifier without diminishing returns, so immunity can be achieved.

Availability of Damage Over Time: Ice -X% as an Item Modifier

This modifier will reduce the amount of Ice damage over time the player suffers by a percentage.


  • Prior to Community Patch 1.60, the visual effects for Ice Damage Over Time were broken and did not display. This bug is now fixed.