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Length of Day

One 24-hour day in Sacred 2 will pass in about 55 minutes of playing time. This means that one in-game hour passes in just under 2 1/2 minutes. This day/night cycle appears to be consistent in all regions of Ancaria.

The daylight hours last much longer than the darkness. Daylight lasts for about 42 minutes of playing time, while night lasts approximately 13 minutes.

Effect of Day and Night on Gameworld

The day/night cycle has little effect on gameplay in Sacred 2. When night falls, the inhabitants of towns and cities activate light sources such as lamps and torches in order to see better. Shopkeepers will stay stationary and open for business at all times. Other NPC's will continue their same routines. There are no quests that require completion during a certain time of day or night.

The ablilities and stats of both the players and enemies (including Light Range and Visibility range) remain the same throughout the day and night. There are no nocturnal player characters such as the Vampiress of Sacred Underworld, and traditionally nocturnal enemies like werewolves still flourish in the daytime.

However, the darkness of night can help hide enemies on the screen and make navigation slightly more difficult. To counter this player can use spells that cause illumination, such as Blazing Tempest or Cleansing Brilliance.

Day and Night in Sacred 2