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Kung-Fu Spider Girl Guide, Flip kicking net spitting!

By chattius

Spidergirl - flip kicking net spitting character

This 'guide' was a collection of posts in this thread: [Topic=9004]Kungfu-Dryads[/topic]. The pictures in this thread made me dreaming of a kungfu dryad for a long long time.

Edit: This post is about a character which developes while being played. So I edit this post from time to time to add new discoveries.

Background: I wished to play a real KungFu-Dryad for a year now, but I always lacked the time. With the AddOn came regeneration per hit and playing a KungFu-Dryad should now be easier. So when my daughters asked for a 3 dimensional computer mouse I said they will get a real good one if the manage to play a KungFu dryad to Niob, never touching a weapon. The character would not be allowed to use nature lore or voodoo lore. And to add more cruelty every combat art modification had to be explained by spider abilities. I hoped to get some tests about kung-fu dryads done and our second daughter has to do a 3 month homework about animals living in a house. So I thouight by adding the extra rule that each modification has to be argued with abilities from spiders would make them reading into the spider stuff way before the deadline of the homework.

The spider-girls: They decided to do the challenge in teamplay. One spidergirl is a shopper and the second is a more robust design without bargaining and better defense. The not shopping character was restarted, with some new knowledge found ( I was mean enough to test the challenge on my own before I gave it to them. I wanted it hard but solvable).

All spider girls shared 7 skills: Tactics Lore, Capricous Hunter Focus, Cabalistic Voodoo Focus, Nature Weaver Focus, Concentration, Constitution, Armor Lore

The bargainer had reflexes to unlock Armor Lore and Alchemy to unlock Bargaining The fighting variant had reflexes to unlock armour, speed lore for better hitting and damage lore to assist ravaged impact which was modified for poison.

The new variant is currently level 60 and is optimized for better defense, more sockets. The new spidergirl has access to all her ancestors got already and doesn't need bargaining.

The character so far- level 120 , finished main quest in niob, now side quests and boss hunting.

[CODE] Ll #M SL HF AL TL NF CC VF SP CO CR 005 0 5 2 1 008 3 5 8 1 1 012 5 5 12 1 3 4 018 8 5 18 1 14 5 1 025 9 5 25 1 25 5 1 3 035 13 23 35 1 35 9 1 3 1 050 13 50 50 5 50 9 1 3 1 1 065 13 65 65 5 65 9 1 3 31 1 - 075 13 75 75 5 75 9 1 3 51 1 - 080 13 75 75 5 75 9 1 3 75 1 1 085 21 75 75 5 75 33 1 5 75 1 1 085 wE 99109 29 99 57 25 29 99 32 25 with Equipment, finishing platinum campaign 096 24 75 75 18 75 75 1 5 75 1 1 105 24 75 75 63 75 75 1 5 75 1 1 120 24 75 75 75 75 75 64 5 75 1 1

Ll Level, #M number of modifications till level, SL shield lore HF hunter focus, AL armour lore, TL tactic lore, NF nature focus CC concentration, VF voodoo focus, SP speed lore, CO constitution CR combat reflexes [/code] Order of modifications, in [] brakets are read in runes and total Combat Art-Level at level 85 Ravaged Impact: Perforate(1), Breach(2), Blast(3) [29/57] Sinister Predator: Eagle Eye(4), Marked Shot(6), Hunting Focus(7) [24/60] Ancient Bark: Rugged(5), Divert(8), Invigorate(10) [28/34] Twisted Torment: Headhunter(9), Sadist(14) [14/20] Forest Flight: Roots(11), Expert(12), Escape(13) [14/56] Dust Devil: Recondition(15), Spell Shield(16), Spread(17) [24/55] Tangled Vine: Sprawl(18), Impair(19), Encroach(20) [7/22] Darting Assault: Edged(21) [1/32] Acute Mind: cooldown (22), negative effects(23), speed(24)

Normal damage level 85 platinum 705, ravaged impact damage 2343 Normal damage Level 96 niob 1082, ravaged impact damage 3850 Normal damage Level 105 niob 1467, ravaged impact damage 5624 [/code]

Future Combat arts Edit 22.2.2010 At Level 120 working to bring concentration to 75 for third buff. After concentration mastery voodoo will be brought to mastery to work out the 3rd buff and probably disease.

Attributes All attributes so far in strength. All combat arts and buffs are at their malus and recharged with regeneration per hit. RpH is at half of regeneration time of ravaged impact because of its double hits. Edit: Beginning from level 80 strength and dexterity are taken. Beginning with level 100 all goes into dexterity.

Shrunken Heads We will get shrunken heads by using a combination of twisted torment and ravaged impact. Twisted torment is at a level which allows to be recharged instantly by ravaged impact. A full detheya set will give x% life leech to kill bosses quickly. So we will have several high level twisted torments running silmultanously stacking their chance to produce a head. Edit: At level 81 2 more points were put in voodoo focus to modify torment for longer duration. These 2 points should be put there way earlier. 3-4 more torments running the same time are a big change. The clay golem looses a head now at 9 of 10 runs. You can get addicted to collecting shrunken heads. A yellow shrunken head can have nice combinations like deathblow/defense+attack value/random Combat Art in one head. We normally look for this build for a head with either deathblow or RpH in a useful combination. We don't have weapon sockets so we should at least search for nice heads.

Edit: 23.2.2010 In this thread you can read more hunting tactics, which heads can drop and where to hunt for certain heads: How to get shrunken heads

Optimizing the damage: Edit: cut and pasted this from a post from the discussion below. Optimizing the damage of a KungFu Dryad is a bit challenging. Our dryads are mainly using ravaged impact modified for open wounds, armour piercing and explosion. So the whole attack is physical. The full detheya is use so against bosses there is x% life leech damage which can't be resisted. But for leveling a 5% leech still means 20 hits against an enemy which has high physical armour. And that is too much against normal mobs for leveling.

So our current approach for damage directly done is: 1) Boost the base damage of Ravaged Impact with 'damage x-x' rings and strength. 2) Get a nice multiplier to 1) by x% damage from tactics, high combat art (rph for recharge) and x% damage gear 3) get a chance of a multiplying boost of 2) by a high chance to do criticals: buff (high cause of rph) and tactics 4) get a chance of a multiplying boost of 3) with armour piercing: ravaged impact, gear 5) if the enemy is below trigger deathblow from items will double the damage- remember ravaged impact unarmed is double hit, so the second hit may already do a death blow

The boost in 4) seems to be dependant on difficulty level. If the amour/damage formula is symmetric then a hit on an enemy with no armour does not only full damage: it even increases it. If I remove all armour and get hit in niob by a low level wolf its 400 damage shown in last kill are more than 1200 done to me. So no armour = way bigger damage. I hope the formula is symmetric and a hit on a not protected enemy does the same: trible damage in niob on enemies. Armour piercing seems to do just that: setting the armour to 0 in damage calculation.

Our level 80 Kungfu Dryad shows 2200 damage with ravaged impact - pure physical. Peek damage is around 7300, without life leech and open wounds. It are double hits so damage from a single ravaged impact on a single enemy can be more than 14000. And remember: if it is a horde: it will do 2 explosions.

Optimizing the defense: Edit: cut and pasted this from a post from the discussion below. If an opponent hits you depends on several factors: Invisibility- dryad can't get it defend/evade parry/block reflect

What you should know is: You can't block, parry or reflect 100%. A formula prevents hidding the 100. So 40% evade +40% evade are not 80% but more like 60%. The idea of the spidergirl's defense is multiplication. Rather than putting all in one defense she uses all three:

defend/evade : dryad's dexterity gives base defense shield and speed lore multiply the base defense by adding x% defense dustdevil gives evasion reflexes give evasion

parry/block A yellow shield with scalable block chance melee is around 50% block at 70 points. Shield lore mastery gives even better blocking

reflect barkskin is modified for reflection

So an enemy hitting you means that you didn't evade, block or reflect. The probabilities that you couldn't block, evade or parry are multiplied.

So if you can do 3 times 40%: all in one defense is like reducing-formula of (40+40+40) = 70 (guessing, not at machine). So chance you get hit= 30% 2*40 in one and 40 in another is like (1- reducing-formula of (40+40))*(1-0.4)= 0.4*0.6. Chance to be hit is 24% all 3 defenses: 0.6*0.6*0.6: 21.6% chance to be hit

Summary why Shield Lore (mastery) is useful Shield lore if used with a yellow shield with scalable block chance adds to 2 defense area's. There are different approaches which shield is the best. You can have scalable modifiers in either blockchance melee, blockchance ranged or base-defense. So in mixed areas (opponents with ranged and melee) and if having shield lore at mastery using scalable defense might be best. It will protect versus melee and ranged and the defense is boosted by 2 skills: shield lore and speed lore while shield mastery gives still a decent block chance. The reason shield lore and not armour lore was pushed: The regeneration effect and item level from armour lore can be gotten from +all skills. Since full detheya set will be used armour mastery is not needed to unlock something. Shield lore will be needed for level 90+ yellow shield when block chance will scale with shield mastery. My oldest likes shield lore from many PvP battles with class mates. Armour lore can't stop life leech. Not getting hit can. If you see it from the defensive side and not from the Combat Art regeneration side: shield lore allows to ignore reflexes, constitution and armour lore for a while.

Optimizing the armour Edit: Chapter added 27.1.2010 All the prior defenses fail and we get hit. There are now 3 possible defenses: 1) Healing faster than we take damage. Using the Detheya-Set we will have a lot of life leech. Another possibility would be Goldenglade Touch, but it won't be modified before way in niob, if at all. 2) Damage mitigation: Damage mitigation is currently bugged and it is possible to reach 100% mitigation. This character however uses the full detheya set and needs most of the sockets for damage. So damage mitigation won't be used. 3) Armour: Ancient Bark comes with some physical and poison armour and gives x% increase to all 5. The way damage is calculated it can happen that being hit with high damage in a damage type you have no resists that the damage is mulitplied. This can be up to 1.5 times in bronze and is as big as 3+ times the damage the enemy normaly does in niob. So if possible all of our characters socket at least one Artamark's Star. Its armour will be boosted by barkskin and this way we can at least avoid getting boosted damage because of no resists. For lazy people who always forget to swap the relics fitting to the current area: put one fire, one magic and one cold relic. Again the goal is to not be hit without any resistance to a damage type. Physical and poison is at barkskin already.

You can read more about mitigation and armour/damage formula in these threads: How to become a demigod Why to use an Artamark's Star

Why this build has speed lore Edit Chapter added 26.1.2010 Reason 1 - run speed: The character uses a full Detheya-set. The Set has no buildin run speed. We play weaponless and we need our socket to push our defense. Reason 2- defense: The dryad has a high natural defense from dexterity. So why not push the defense by taking speed lore and its x% defense. Reason 3: offense: In late game the sockets will be filled mainly with 'damage x-x' rings and not the 'whet' from blacksmiths. But 'whet' adds x% attack value together with boosting the damage. We will not have this synergy with most 'damage x-x' rings. So adding x% attack value from speed lore is not the worst idea. So nothing of speed lore is wasted. Edit (27.1.2010): Of cause reason 2 is the weakest, given that barkskin adds a lot of x% defense. But it's a good backup in case the spidergirl gots debuffed.

Stuff to know about Ravaged Impact Edit thread about casting speed added 23.2.2010 If it is used without a weapon it does a flip kick animation which does 2 hits. If you have a shield but no weapon it does the same double hit animation. So you can do two weapon combat (2 feet) while wearing a shield. Using a shield will add slots and allows to use shield lore instead reflexes to unlock armour. Weapon less it has no weapon skill. So strangely the combat art menu of ravaged impact uses casting speed and not attack speed as is speed modifier. We had a 9% attack speed and 12% casting speed on items and left clicks were at 109% while ravaged impact was listed as 112%. So the 10th skill of the new spidergirl will probably not be alchemy because there is no trophy for casting speed. You can read more why casting speed is useful for this build in this thread which popped upo 2 days ago: attack speed vs casting speed Casting speed has a dual purpose it speeds up the kicks and the support spells, which have no lore for spell speed.

Help requested I would need help from people: What is this damage extra effect listed in normal attack tooltipp and Combat Art tooltipp. Left click has the block chance from shield while Ravaged Impact shows Combat Art-Block from an item.

So far the character makes a lot of fun. It gets better damage when leveling because less rings with RpH are needed, less rings with minus enemy chance to evade. The empty sockets can then be filled with damage x-x or +all skills.

Playing Niob Edit added 23.2.2010 The first fights in Niob with the level 85 dryad versus level 115 undeads were long but not really riscy. The niob main quest was finished at level 118 without dying. Dust devil and open eyes aer the main defense against casters, fen fires, Temple Guardian traps, ....

Weak part of the Spidergirls Edit added 28.1.2010 The fen fire in the dryad jungle take only a third of the damage most other enemies do: they are either immune to armour piercing or have a high physical damage mitigation. They are the reason that dustdevil was finally modified to radius and spell block. As for every melee dryad: fire traps are easily overlooked if you fight 10 Guardians at once.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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