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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.

Venom.png Venom_small.png This Combat Art is a (Buff)

Poison use is another technique an Assassin has to help even the odds when battling demons and their ilk. An Assassin who has mastered this skill secretly coats his weapons with vile toxins.


Martial_arts.png - Martial Arts

Innate Abilities (Lvl 1) physical.jpg poison.jpg


See also: Sacred 2:Combat Art Modifications
MODicons_12.gif Bronze
  • Deft - Increases attack rating for melee weapons by 40% + 7.5% per level.
  • Cunning - Increases the Assassin's defense rating by 20% + 5% per level.

MODicons_10.gif Silver
  • Taint - Increases the chance to poison opponents by 20% + 0.1% per level.
  • Slayer - The Assassin inflicts more damage as he loses health (max boost at 35% of hitpoints).

MODicons_08.gif Gold
  • Finesse - Increases attack rating for all weapons by 20% + 5% per level.
  • Cruelty - Increases all inflicted poison damage by 18% + 2% per level.

Skills and Attributes

The following skills will affect this combat art:

  • Concentration - will lower this combat art's regeneration time penalty.
  • Combat Discipline - will increase its damage. This increase in damage is direct; it increases the +xx% that the CA adds to base damage.

The following attributes will affect this combat art:

  • Stamina will lower regeneration time penalty.

Usage Strategies

  • Venom has some synergy with Blade Fury modded for poison damage. It can boost the chance for poisoning and also the poison damage if the Cruelty mod is chosen.
  • Otherwise Venom will mainly be of use to a weapon using Assassin. Socketing a Jewel of Plague in a weapon will increase the usefulness of this buff.
  • Even if not focusing on Poison damage, the Assassin can get a lot of good use out of Venom because it boosts all weapon damage, and can be modded to improve attack and defense.
  • The chance to poison will reach 100% at max CA level 200. With the Taint mod it will reach 100% at CA level 100. It can reach 100% even sooner using the Damage Lore skill and item modifiers.

Pros and Cons


  • Low regeneration penalty
  • Very high chance to poison


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