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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.

The Dark Elf Compendium

Secrets of the Cabal

Few survive the trials to assume their rightful place as the most feared and dreaded warriors of Ancaria...the Dark Elf warrior drones. Armed only with skill, determination, and a du'blade, the victorious overcome the sadistic machinations and savage minions of the cruel Dark Elven priestesses to find themselves standing amongst the Warrior Cabal, the male warrior elite. It is only then that the Dark Elf warrior truly begins to realize his potential.

All male Dark Elves aspire to join the Cabal...yet very few ever achieve this goal. The fortunate perish in the attempt, overcome by the Trials. The less fortunate somehow survive their failure, crawling away from the Trials to rejoin the ranks of the faceless multitude that serve as fodder on the battlefield.

You, however, are not one of a faceless multitude. Not only have you mastered the Trials to become one of the Cabal elite, but you are an abomination: for you, Dark Elf, have done the unthinkable and have turned your back upon your evil kind. Tales shall be written about how blood turns against blood, wielding the powers of the Cabal against the darkness that threatens to swallow all of Ancaria and ultimately, confronting the Cabal itself.

The Dark Elf - an Overview

Here are key features of the Dark Elf character:

  • Close combat specialist
  • Poison specialist
  • Ranged trap specialist
  • Master of the attack and defense
  • Ability to deflect arrows and crossbow bolts fired upon him, and send them back against his enemies
  • Ability to deflect magical damage directed against him, and re-direct the power against surrounding enemies

The Basics

To master the secrets of the Cabal, you must seize upon your strengths, and utilize them wisely. Dark Elf males are forbidden the use of magic by the matriarchs of their ancient society. Over time, the master Dark Elven warriors developed techniques whereby a warrior drone could gain complete control over his metabolism and other physical processes, resulting in a frightening array of supernatural powers. This, coupled with the masters' intimate knowledge of insect and herbal venoms, caustic and explosive substances, and the forbidden understanding of the fabric of the dimensions, gave them mastery over the wild lands of Ancaria in the distant past.

Two realms of power are available to the Dark Elf: combat moves, and traps. In the realm of combat, the Dark Elf relies upon the mastery of his endocrine system. The statistic Physical Regeneration and the skill Concentration affect this realm of powers. The swiftness in which he regains inner energy, and his ability to maintain focus and equilibrium in action enable him the more rapid use of those powers in battle.

In the realm of traps, the Dark Elf relies upon his training and the secret knowledge of the Cabal. The statistic Physical Regeneration, and the skills Trap Lore and Ballistics impact this realm of power. Physical Regeneration and Trap Lore affect how quickly he can regain the ability to use a trap in battle; Ballistics governs how quickly he deploys the traps, and their attack speed once deployed.

Combat Arts Revealed

Here, then, are the two realms of power as they are understood. Note: an * denotes a special move at which the Dark Elf excels beyond the norm established by the other characters in the game who share that ability.

Melee Combat powers (Special Moves)


The Skills

Certain skills are available only to the Dark Elf. These skills are:

Blade Combat

This skill imparts the knowledge and technique needed to successfully wield the unique Dark Elf weaponry forged by the master smiths of Zhurag-Nar. Without this finesse, the wielder would doubtlessly injure himself, and likely perish from the deadly poison which seeps from the deviously placed grooves and brilliantly engineered poison ducts fasioned into the Dark Elf blades. A must for the Dark Elf who specializes in melee combat, or for the trapper who likes to cover all contingencies.

Trap Lore

Expanded knowledge and skill with traps. This skill shortens the regeneration time for all of the trap arts, making them available for use more quickly in combat. No self-respecting trapper would lack developing this skill...and a strategic-thinking melee specialist might also consider investing effort into this skill as well, for the secrets of Trap Lore also impart an increased understanding of the use of certain botanical and animal regents which accelerate the production of adrenaline and testosterone within the body.


Practice makes perfect. Experience and skill with traps imparts the ability to utilize cunning shortcuts in the deployment of traps in well as making it possible to speed up their effectiveness in dealing out damage. The exclusive realm of the trapper, the melee specialist would find such endeavors too time consuming in battle to warrant his attention. The hybrid warrior drone, however, in his blending of melee and trapping, might consider developing this skill.

Regardless of your focus, all will face the prospect of hand to hand combat. What follows, then, is a primer to assist in a grasp of the basics you will need to move forward with the Dark Elf builds.

Melee Basics (clipped from the Dual-Wield sticky thread, with some additions) Single Weapon Wielding Wielding one weapon requires no special training nor ability.

DE Sword = Blade Combat

DE Sword + Shield = Blade Combat

DE Fist Blade* = Unarmed Combat

DE Fist Blade* + Shield = Unarmed Combat

  • - This can be a bit confusing. Note that, although the Dark Elf set weapon Cordell's Dagger requires a minimum of Blade Combat skill to use, it nevertheless uses Unarmed Combat skill when used as listed above.

And, just for reference purposes:

Normal Sword = Sword Lore

Normal Sword + Shield = Sword Lore

Dagger = Sword Lore

Dagger + Shield = Sword Lore

Two-Handed Sword = Sword Lore Axe = Axe Lore

Axe + Shield = Axe Lore

Battle Axe (Gladiator-only weapon) = Axe Lore

Mace, Hammer, Morningstar = Axe Lore

Mace, Hammer, Morningstar + Shield = Axe Lore

Cudgel (two-handed mace variant) = Axe Lore

Spear, Halberd, Lance, Pike, Staff, Mage's Small Staff = Long-Handled Weapons

Knuckles, Blade Stealer = Unarmed Combat

Knuckles/Blade Stealer + Shield = Unarmed Combat

Combat Gauntlets (Gladiator-only weapon) = Unarmed Combat

Bows, Crossbows = Ranged Combat

Dual Wielding

Wielding two weapons in one weapon slot requires the skill Dual Wielding.

Special Note before proceeding: Understand that while Dual Wielding skill permits your Dark Elf (and the other 2 character types that can gain it) to equip any two one handed weapons in one slot, your ability to wield a weapon is first decided by the basic requirements for the weapon in question. For example, as much as I love Seraphim swords, the mighty Dark Elf can't wield one. Just the same, if a certain weapon features "Minimum Sword Lore: X", you'll have to possess Sword Lore skill in order to equip it. Just because an item you're wearing might give a bonus to Sword Lore, if you don't at least have one skill point in Sword Lore naturally, you'll be out of luck. Items can't give you skills, they can only augment them.

DE Sword + DE Sword = Dual Wielding

DE Sword + Normal Sword/Dagger/Axe/Mace/Hammer/Knuckles/Blade Stealer/DE Fist Blade = Dual Wielding

DE Fist Blade + DE Fist Blade = Unarmed Combat

DE Fist Blade + Blade Stealer/Knuckles = Unarmed Combat

Again, just for reference:

Normal Sword + Normal Sword = Dual Wielding

Axe + Axe = Dual Wielding

Mace/Hammer/Morningstar + Mace/Hammer/Morningstar = Dual Wielding

Hopefully, this helps to explain Dual Wielding in the latest version of Sacred Plus. I took the time (and space) to cover other weapons so an overall understanding of the (current) game mechanics behind the weapon skills might be gained. That just helps to clarify things for the knowledge-seeker.


The most important statistic to the Dark Elf warrior is Physical Regeneration - regardless of your build, this statistic influences all of your Dark Elf powers, making them regenerate more quickly. A side effect of putting points into this statistic will be increased health points, giving your warrior the ability to withstand abusive damage in battle. The Strength statistic is also of importance to a Dark Elf melee specialist. This increases the damage dealt by melee weapons, increases basic attack rating, and boosts your health points. It also has an indirect (i.e., lesser) effect upon your defense rating.

Of the other statistics, Dexterity can be useful as it impacts your defense rating, and has a lesser effect upon your attack rating, and health points. Note that many Dark Elf items, such as Cordell's Dagger, imparts a hefty bonus to Dexterity. I recommend that you rely on items to boost this statistic, and focus upon increasing Physical Regeneration when you increase in level. For melee specialists, make Strength your second priority, giving it a point every third level or so.

Dark Elf builds and tactics will follow this first post. Use the builds that other players have devised to help you understand the Dark Elf. Then, armed with what you know, strike out and create your own.