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Item Modifiers

Attack Speed

Attack Speed: +XX

This will increase the speed of a melee swing or of an arrow shot and thereby increase the number of attacks you can perform within a given amount of time.

Banish Undead

Banish Undead: +XX

This modifier prevents Skeletons from resurrecting as they do when playing a Campaign game. Typically Skeletons will resurrect 2 or 3 times. With banish Undead you gain XX chance that you will destroy them on the first kill. In Online Multi Play and LAN they always die on the first kill. Undead do not resurrect in Multi-Play.

Chance for open wounds

Chance for open wounds: +XX%

This modifier adds to you character's attacks the chance to inflict this modifier upon it's enemy. If your character inflicts "Open Wounds" on it's enemy what will happen is that for a duration of time the enemy will appear much like it is poisoned. The enemy will incur a wound that causes damage over time. Although Open Wounds generally tend to cause small damage it is possible to inflict Open Wounds upon your enemy that are very high in damage. The initial blow that causes an Open Wound is the basis for the resulting damage of an Open Wound. If the attack that causes an Open Wound is very very high in damage then so to will the Open Wound that comes from it. It is also possible to stack many opens wounds on a single enemy which will result in many damage numbers flying up around the enemy suffering from the several Open Wounds. The higher the % chance you have the greater success you will have with this modifier.

Chance of finding special items

Chance of finding special items: +XX. Item drops may be ordinary (white), special (blue), rare (yellow), unique (gold) or "set" (green). This modifier increases the chances that items dropped will be of higher quality. It is not a percentage increase, but a non-linear function. For lower values, it is approximately equal to a percent increase, but higher levels do not increase the likelihood as much. For example, Chance to Find Special Items +732 equates to a 270% improved chance to find a special item.

Chance to gain gold by hitting opponent

Chance to gain gold by hitting opponent +XX. When equipped with items bearing this modifier, there is a chance that any successful strike on an enemy will cause gold to drop. The higher the number, the greater chance that this will happen. The amount of gold dropped at any one time is not affected by the modifier level, however, just the frequency.

Chance to land a critical hit

Chance to land a critical hit: XX Each hit has a percentage chance to do 2-4 times the normal damage.

Chance to trap flying opponents

Chance to trap flying opponents: +XX%. When using an item with this modifier, there is a chance that a strike on a flying enemy will cause it to become "bound". When bound, it is trapped by a green web preventing it from flying, and also from attacking.

Damage received reduces gold, saving health

Damage received reduces gold, saving health: XX% Each hit has a percentage chance for all of the damage to be taken from your gold rather than your health.

Defense; vs. Ranged fighters +XX% to Defense

Defense; vs. Ranged fighters +XX% to Defense. This increases your defense value against ranged attacks. Defense controls the likelihood an attack will be successful, but not how damaging the attack is. Thus, using equipment with this modifier against archers, the chance you will be hit is decreased. To reduce the 000 taken, you must increase your resistance.

Each hit drains own life energy

Each hit drains own life energy: XX%

Each hit draws life from opponent

Each hit draws life from opponent: XX%. When this item modifier is in use, a fixed amount of the damage you deal to enemies is added to your health. This is commonly called "life leech" or "life steal".

The amount of life gained is a percentage of the actual damage done to the enemy. For example, if you use a CA that deals 5,000 damage, but the enemy only has 1,000 life, you will get the percentage of 1,000 -- the actual hit points taken -- and not of the full 5,000.

Enemies die on sight

Enemies die on sight: XX%

Enemies at a certain level or lower die when within range. It is possible to increase this mod to over 100% which means you can kill enemies that are higher level than you. It has a max enemy level of 100. Any increases over this monster level will have no effect. You do not gain experience while killing with this mod and several enemies are immune. Examples are Dragons, Big Spiders, several large type monsters (Sakkaras, Cerebropods, Ogres, Shadow Guards) and most heroes/champions.

Experience gained from monsters

Experience gained from monsters: +XX%. This modifier increases the experience points gained from combat. It acts very similar to a Mentor Potion, but its effects are always available. The effect of this modifier and of mentor potions is additive -- they are added together rather than applied successively.

Extended Day

Extended Day: +XX%. Using equipment of this type lengthens the amount of game time that it is "day" in Ancaria. It does not, however, correspondingly shorten the night period.

Extended Night

Extended Night: +XX%. Equipment with this modifier lengthens the nighttime portion of the Ancarian day/night cycle. It does not, however, correspondingly shorten the daylight period.

This modifier is especially valuable to the Vampiress, whose fighting abilities are significantly enhanced at night.

Far Sight

Far Sight: +XX

Find Additional Potions

Find Additional Potions: +XX%

For attack and defense

For attack and defense: +XX%

Increased light radius

Increased light radius: +XX

Increase All Damage Types

Increase All Damage Types: XX%

Percent to all resistances

Percent to all resistances: +XX%

Regeneration Special Move

Regeneration Special Move: +XX%

Regeneration Spells

Regeneration Spells: +XX%

Resist Stun

Resist Stun: +XX

Shock Opponent

Shock Opponent: +XX


Speed: +XX

Spell Resistance

Spell Resistance: +XX


Split: XX%

To all combat arts

To all combat arts: +XX

To all magic spells

To all magic spells: +XX

To All Skills

To all skills: +XX. Increases all of your selected Skills by the stated number.

To {Skill}

Similar to the above, but grants the increase to the specifically named skill only; e.g. +1 to Concentration

To {Attribute}

As with Skills, Attributes may also be enhanced by equipment bonuses.

vs. {Race} Increases All Damage Types +xx%

The increase to damage is dependant on the type of enemy you are fighting. If you are fighting the enemy type stated by the modifier then the indicated damage increase will be applied to the damage you do to that enemy type.

An example using Amarri´s Girdle of Bewitchment:

vs. {Demons} Increases All Damage Types +93%

vs. {Race} Weapon Damage {Type} +xx% {Attribute}

{Race} Weapon Damage {Elemental Type}: +XX% {Attribute} A percentage of character attribute is added to base damage of for a certain elemental type. May or may not be racist damage on type of monster. Takes a few forms.

An example using Ring of Daemonfear:

vs. Undead Weapon Damage Fire: +19% Dexterity

Wounds Increase Damage Dealt

Wounds Increase Damage Dealt: +XX%