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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.

Daemon Build

Hell Caster (Build)

The Hell Caster focuses on the use of daemonic magic. She becomes powerful in combat through the use of her spells. She attacks multiple opponents by managing the infernal entities at her command.

Skill Selections

Primary Daemonic Form

Battle Daemon. Optional secondaries: Fire Daemon, Soaring Daemon

Statistics to Pump Up:

For every 4 levels, put 3 points into Mental Regeneration, and 1 point into Physical Regeneration. The Daemon's starting stats are heavy on Strength and Mental Regeneration, weak on Physical Regeneration and Charisma, and moderate on Endurance and Dexterity. One option would be to reverse the statistic pump for the first 12 levels by placing 9 points into Physical Regeneration, and 3 points into Mental Regeneration. This would serve to increase your Hell Caster's health points during the early levels. The Daemon's default Strength score is high enough not to require any investment: a big bonus and one reason why she is so effective in combat.

Primary CAs:

Battle Daemon form, Fire Daemon form/Wall of Flames attack, Soaring Daemon form/Descent attack.


Any Hell Magic spell of the player's choice. Suggested specialties: Infernal Power, Blazing Disc, Hellsphere, Abysmal Choir, Dread.

The Hell Caster begins her quest with a definite edge over her enemies. Her default form is Battle Daemon, and normally the first Hell Magic spell she acquires is Abysmal Choir (that usually drops from the starting point chest). She is very, very fast using the Claw weapon she starts out with in her weapon slot. Your Hell Caster will be very strong...if you are in single player, you will quickly become bored with Bronze difficulty. I suggest reaching 6th level before you leave Bronze. That is easily accomplished by the time you make it to Silver Creek. Once that is done, export your Daemon and start a new Silver difficulty Ancaria campaign game.

Hint: Single Player is ideally suited for experimentation and testing. If you are new to the Daemonic Succubus, then you'll want to take your Hell Caster through the single player game to at least the Gold level of difficulty. If your ultimate goal is online play - especially Hard Core closed internet - then doing this will give you the chance to gain experience you will need to get out of tricky situations when they arise. Learning the ropes = longer life in Hard Core play.

Weapon Skills

The Hell Caster does not specialize in any particular weapon skill, apart from Weapon Lore. The infernal entities of Hell Magic are her emissaries in battle, extending her reach far across the battlefield. These entities - Blazing Discs, Hellspheres, and Tentacles - are magical and never fail to strike the Hell Caster's enemies.

In the realm of magic, she is surpassed only by the Battle Mage in spell selection. However, at her command are spells which inflict damage across the entire spectrum: physical, fire, magic, and poison. This places her on equal footing with the Battle Mage in this regard. Her spells are much more effective than weapons.

Her primary combat enhancement spell, Infernal Power, affects not only the properties of her weapons, but the damage-dealing properties of her spells as well. The Battle Daemon form, the primary form of the Hell Caster, enhances the physical damage dealt by her effect spells and the infernal entities as it does her own weapons. It is for this reason that the Hell Caster seeks to optimize her spell casting abilities at the cost of skills with particular weaponry. Does this mean she is weak with weapons? Absolutely not!

The Battle Daemon form and Infernal Power both enchance her attack capabilities in combat far beyond the scope of mere skills. The only real consideration is attack speed. This can be compensated by bonuses from items, armor and weapons which increase her attack speed. During the early levels, speed will not be much of an issue. Later in the game when it does become a factor, items will be available which will increase attack speed.

Optimizing Hell Magic Regeneration

The Hell Caster build is designed to maximize Hell Magic regeneration and casting times. This means more infernal entities can be summoned in increasingly less time. The more entities present on the battlefield, the more powerful your Daemon will be.

Look for items (rings, amulets, or armor and weapons) that offer bonuses to spell regeneration, Mental Regeneration, the Meditation skill, and the Hell Power skill. Always opt for these bonuses above all others, and design equipment especially for this purpose.