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icon13.gif NOTE: The contents of this page are exclusive content found only by installing the player-made mega-mod Diablo 2 Fallen.

Bone_spear.png Also known as the Talon of Trang'Oul, this spell enables the Necromancer to call upon the remnants of the spirits of all the creatures who have ever died in the area. It accumulates their fossilized remains and summons forth from the ground long shaft of dense, fossilized bone, piercing any opponents in its path.

This is a Spell Damage Based Combat Art.


Poison_and_bone.png - Poison and Bone

Innate Abilities (Lvl 1) mcdmg.jpg


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MODicons_12.gif Bronze

MODicons_10.gif Silver
  • Chaos - Increases the damage radius of Bone Spear by 2.75 meters (approximately a 75% increase to range).
  • Sorcery - Increases the base magic damage of Bone Spear by 50%.

MODicons_08.gif Gold
Bone Spear

Skills and Attributes

The following skills will affect this combat art:

  • Combat Discipline - will increase the damage of this combat art and lower its regeneration time if it is placed in a combo.

The following attributes will affect this combat art:

  • Stamina will lower regeneration time.

Usage Strategies

  • Note that, like all CA's in the Poison and Bone aspect, casting speed is determined by weapon speed, and can be boosted by weapon lore skills and +% attack speed. Likewise, the casting speed will be penalized by wielding a weapon with too high a level. Tactics Lore serves as the aspect lore skill in terms of damage boost, critical chance, and modification points.
  • Range can be expanded to great effect with silver mod Chaos and/or Combat Art Range +X% modifier on gear. Without this it will only hit single targets or mobs in a very tight cluster.

Pros and Cons


  • Can be modded for crowd control or for boss-killing.
  • Good damage and mod effects.


  • Small radius without boosting combat art range.

Developer Notes

  • Bone Spear in particular was a great stroke of luck. It was originally going to be Bone Wall (based off of the Dragon Mage's Magic Barrier), but thanks to Luthal I learned that the Magic Wall spell fx could be applied to certain offensive spell classes (in this case it's actually Radiant Pillar). So instead of a rock wall, a single spear erupts from the ground. I retextured it to bone, and voila, Bone Spear is born!