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Loco's Piromante (Ice & Blood), A [D.a.r.k] Mage with an addiction to fire

By locolagarto


A [D.a.r.k] Creature of the High Elf race, she is an outcast of her coven. . She travels the Regions of Ancaria in quest of Fame and fortune as a mercenary for hire while leaving a wake of destruction and fire. No Man or Beast of creation can withstand the heat of her dark burning heart

A little Guardians action at level 76 on Gold:


I had played several High Elves with great enjoyment. After a long and successful run to Niob level 115 with a Magic/Ice elf, I decided to give a Pyro a try. I wanted to build a char that could level fast and high, and could also be used on boss hunts. I built several homemade versions, and all had mistakes but I learned several things in the process:

1. The HE is a bit squishy against physical damage and spell damage. 2. She can really pack a huge punch when given the right tools and mods. 3. Leveling is much faster than my Ice/Elf


Level 2 armorlore.gif Armor Lore

We will need to get this up to level until 75. The regen penalty from armor will be maintained by keeping this at level until 75. As well as the damage absorption and ability to wear higher level items. She is gonna need this armor to sustain herself against all forms of damage. I recommend socketing at least 1 Artamarks Star if you can find them. Master 1st

Level 3 arrantpyromancerlore.gif Arrant Pyromancer Lore

This will be our main aspect. Damage at early levels is gonna rely solely on this skill. Get it to level and keep it there until level 75. Master second

Level 5 concentration.gif Concentration

Just 1 point for now. We may want to master this to enable the companion buff, but for now 1 point will do.

Level 8 arrantpyromancerfocus.gif Arrant Pyromancer Focus

We only need 21 points for right now. This will help with regens, and level without penalty. We can master towards the end.

Level 12 delphicarcaniafocus.gif Delphic Arcania Focus

We need 31 points to mod Grand Invigoration and Expulse Magic. No further points will be needed. I am choosing focus for the reason that +all skills from a Buff Suit will greatly raise the CA level of Grand Invigoration with 200 Runes read. This may be mastered towards the end.

Level 18 constitution.gif Constitution

One key element of our defense will be large amounts of HP and high rate of regen. Get this to level and keep it there till level 75. Master 3rd

Level 25 ancientmagic.gif Ancient Magic

There is a decent boost to Spell Damage here but the real magic starts at mastery when it reduces the enemies resistance to your spell damage. then look out! Master 4th.

Level 35 shieldlore.gif Shield Lore

Since we can't use 2 weapons we will occupy here left arm with a shield. Shield lore will help boost her Defense value and allow us to wear higher level shields. And there are some really nice Rare shield with huge block chance. At Mastery it give a chance to block close combat.

Level 50 spellresistance.gif Spell Resistance

The magic and LL spells of Ice and Blood can be devistating. So spell Resistance is really gonna help take the sting out of those nasty caster daemons and Daemonic Eyes.

Level 65 combatdiscipline.gif Combat Discipline

Gives a boost to damage, a 10% reduction in regens when CA is used in a Combo.


Put points into vitality for the first levels until you can start to add points into Constitution. Then all points into 50%Intelligence for Spell Intensisty and 50% int Willpower for base Spell Resistance.

Combat Arts

05.gifIncandescent Skin

This will be our primary Buff. it will help boost damage and also reflect close combat

Inferno - Increases the chance to set fire to opponent when they sustain fire damage

Revenge - this will give us some defense with reflect close combat

Fiery Ardor - more fire damage can't be a bad thing right?

Runes: 1 Rune only until late in game. Boost with a buff suit filled with runes. (Niob runes can be used by about level 45)

01.gifAncestral Fireball

We will use this as a close combat art. Mob em up and Boom!

Explosion- Area of Effect in close quarters against mobs

Globe - more damage

Hot Pursuit - Fireballs will follow their targets. I know Fusilade here would add more damage. but with no other single target ranged attack. 2 fireballs only helps it you can hit the target. And at any distance other than face to face this CA can only hit stationary monsters. So I choose to give a little damage for high probability of a hit.

Runes: Read runes as needed but maintain 1.0s regen

02.gifBlazing Tempest

This is gonna be our mass damage Area of Effect. huge mobs will be burning all night long with Ancient magic mastered.

Scorch - +40% to damage

Conflagration - 41.7% increase in burn damage

Ambition - Increased Crits.

Runes: I like to keep this spam-able. 2 rings does more damage than 1. 3 rings is better than 2 etc. I like to keeps this between 1.0s and 1.5s

03.gifIncendiary Shower

Aaaah! Our boss killer! This is the best thing the Fire aspect has for huge damage against bosses. With Stun we can even stand our ground without getting hit. I chose these stats for good reason. continuity increases the number of metoers. and Intensity makes them rain down really fast. so with higher CA levels this thing is gonna pound bosses with so much damage per second it will be nothing but BIG GRINS!

Skull Smash - chance to stun

Continuity - More meteors

Intensity - they rain down faster

Runes: Keep this at around 1.5s this will allow continuous rain of meteors for Bosses.

15.gifGrand Invigoration

Our Second buff. Great for a HP regen boost and also to lower overall regens

Arrant Pyromancer Expertise - The regeneration time for the aspect Arract Pyromancer will decrease .

Life Energy - Additionally increases the hitpoint regeneration rate

Resilience - Reduces the impact and duration of incoming detrimental effects.

Runes: I had this at 200 runes by level 50. We will boost these mods with a buff suit of +all skills

14.gifExpulse Magic

Expulse is an utility skill here. It has good amount of block combat art. We will be using it strickly as a defensive measure

Strength - Increases banishing potential but maintain the same effective radius

Pentagram - Reduces the duration and impact of incoming weakening effects or Undead- also nice for dealing with Clearview, North Swamp, and Mist of Miasma.

Protection - Chance to block direct magical damage

Runes: Keep regen at around 1.0s -1.5s this allows you to lay down multiple rings for stacked bonuses


I used a Pyro Set for the Incandescent Skin Buff and a Ancestors for the Grand Invigoration Buff suit. until level 65 I fought in the Grand Invigoration Buff suit as the +allskills really helped with all the low level skills. At level 65 I started building a fighting suit from Various Set pieces with good Mods.


Niob runes for Buff suits +all Skills for Buff suits Chance to evade Damage -Fire or niob Smith Damage anti-DoT Spell Resistance

Play Style / Testing

I built this character in Closed net HC. So all testing was done with default settings.

From Low level I used Blazing tempest for mobs. Ancestral fireball for champs. and Incendiary shower for Bosses. For general leveling round up mobs as big as you can get and lay down repeated Blazing tempest and watch the XP number scroll.

Once I have Armor lore and Pyro Lore at level and had started pumping Constitution as my 3rd mastery(Stopped at 21 for pyro focus and 31 for Delphic Focus) I was confident to go boss hunting with Incendiary Shower. Only staying away from the Grundwald Dragon and Scorp Boss because of there CA reflect.

I Read runes until Shower was at about 1.5s and blazing at about 1.5s. So the Bonus mods were really starting to kick in and give me beautiful light show.

Reached level 75 and mastered Armor lore, constitution, and Pyro Lore. now I am putting all points into ancient magic. Level on Platinum at level 75 and she is doing an amazing job. damage is a little low against bosses in plat, but I took the ice lord, earth lord, mad ogre and Boar out with little trouble. Now its a race to master Ancient Magic, Shield Lore, spell resistance and go through a run in Cursed Forest and the guardians. I am confident she could go to Platinum and take guardians in record time. Gold only takes a few minutes.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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