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  • Quest Objective: Darwagon's Gold Ring
  • Quest Difficulty: 3 stars
  • Quest Giver: Thief Figmiyen
  • Location(s): Dungeon in Logaiear
  • Prerequisite Quest: The Missing Girl
  • Next Quest: The Crypt Wing
  • Reward: none listed


Quick Walkthrough

  • If you help the thief, she will help you. Go down the ramp to the large room below. Kill all hostiles (which is everyone). Your target (Warlady Darwagon) is deepest in the room. Careful, she has a pet cat. ;) Take her ring.

Quest Parts

This is six-part 'chain-quest' starting in Logaeiar. The six quests in this chain are:

  1. The Missing Girl
  2. The Thief
  3. The Ancestors Chambers sub
  4. The Crypt Wing
  5. The Prison Wing
  6. The Last Room

Detailed Walkthrough

  • In your quest to find the missing woman, the thief Figmiyen is willing to aid you.
  • This dungeon is composed of four areas.
  • One is open.
  • Three are locked down.
  • She has found the key to the west area.
  • She will give you the key if you get a ring for her. A ring worn by a warleader Darwagon.


  • Go down the ramp (taking either right or left way down).
  • Kill all who oppose you.
  • Take Darwargon's gold ring back to Thief Figmiyen.


The Ancestors Chambers sub Logbook Entry



This subquest has exactly the same name as the main quest chain. Very confusing!

Quest is easy-peasy.