Sacred 2:The Thief

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  • Quest Objective: Find Figmiyen (the Thief)
  • Quest Difficulty: 3 stars
  • Quest Giver: Timune, Dryad (the Mother)
  • Location(s): Logaiear, just outside huge dungeon (south part of Dryad City)
  • Prerequisite Quest: The Missing Girl
  • Next Quest: The Ancestors Chambers sub
  • Reward: none listed

Quick Walkthrough

  • Descend into the dungeon, find the Thief Figmiyen deep within it.

Quest Parts

This is six-part 'chain-quest' starting in Logaeiar. The six quests in this chain are:

  1. The Missing Girl
  2. The Thief
  3. The Ancestors Chambers sub
  4. The Crypt Wing
  5. The Prison Wing
  6. The Last Room

Detailed Walkthrough


  • Go down and explore the dungeon.
  • Go down another level and explore some more.
  • Go down some more.
  • The thief Figmiyen is standing in a straight line from the last several rooms (some connected by stairs down). She wants you to gather a bunch of loot from the dungeon in exchange for her cooperation.



The Thief Logbook Entry



Easy part of the quest.