Sacred 2:The Crypt Wing

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  • Quest Objective: Ghost Conjurer's Pendant
  • Quest Difficulty: 1 star
  • Quest Giver: Thief Figmiyen
  • Location(s): Dungeon in Logaiear
  • Prerequisite Quest: The Ancestors Chambers sub
  • Next Quest: The Prison Wing
  • Reward: Key to East side of dungeon (the prison wing)


Quick Walkthrough

  • If you help the thief, she will help you, part deux. Clear out the west wing of the dungeon.

Quest Parts

This is six-part 'chain-quest' starting in Logaeiar. The six quests in this chain are:

  1. The Missing Girl
  2. The Thief
  3. The Ancestors Chambers sub
  4. The Crypt Wing
  5. The Prison Wing
  6. The Last Room

Detailed Walkthrough

  • In your quest to find the missing woman, the thief Figmiyen is willing to aid you.
  • This dungeon is composed of four areas.
  • One has been searched.
  • Three are still locked down.
  • She has found the key to the east (prison) area.
  • She will give you the key if you get a pendant for her. A pendant worn by a ghost conjurer, protected by ghosts and undead.


  • Go along the left hallway.
  • Kill all who oppose you.
  • Take Ghost Conjurer Equantius' pendant back to Thief Figmiyen.


The Crypt Wing Logbook Entry



Easy peasy.