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  • Quest Objective: Search the Last Room of the Underground Complex
  • Quest Difficulty: 5 stars
  • Quest Giver: Thief Figmiyen
  • Location(s): Dungeon in Logaiear
  • Prerequisite Quest: The Prison Wing
  • Next Quest: gold
  • Reward: Well, she isn't anywhere else down here, so she should be here!


Quick Walkthrough

  • The thief gives you the key to the last room, the cult leader's room. If the missing woman is anywhere down here, it has to be beyond that door. Do not teleport to leave!

Quest Parts

This is six-part 'chain-quest' starting in Logaeiar. The six quests in this chain are:

  1. The Missing Girl
  2. The Thief
  3. The Ancestors Chambers sub
  4. The Crypt Wing
  5. The Prison Wing
  6. The Last Room

Detailed Walkthrough

  • In your quest to find the missing woman, the thief Figmiyen is willing to aid you.
  • This dungeon is composed of four areas.
  • Three have been searched.
  • One area is still locked down.
  • She has found the key to the cult leader's area of the dungeon.


  • She gives you the key.
  • Go down to the main room, the locked door down there can now be opened.


  • Kill all who oppose you.
  • The cult leader is protected by 4 flying servants, 2 griffens and 2 harpies.
  • The cult leader is not happy to see you.


As you try to walk out of the room (not teleport), you encounter two people:


Gilminga has a lot to say... she offers you a free teleport out, via her friend the sorceror:


The teleport relieves you of the tedium of walking out of the conquered dungeon:


And Timune (remember her? Gilmanga's mother?) thanks you:


I received a few items as quest reward, the 'best' being a rare.

The Last Room Logbook Entry



  • Do not teleport to leave! You will miss the final chapter of the quest chain!