Sacred 2:The Prison Wing

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  • Quest Objective: Dungeon Master's Amulet
  • Quest Difficulty: 1 star
  • Quest Giver: Thief Figmiyen
  • Location(s): Dungeon in Logaiear
  • Prerequisite Quest: The Ancestors Chambers sub
  • Next Quest: The Prison Wing
  • Reward: Key to East side of dungeon (the prison wing)


Quick Walkthrough

  • If you help the thief, she will help you, part trois (3). Clear out the prison (East) wing of the dungeon.

Quest Parts

This is six-part 'chain-quest' starting in Logaeiar. The six quests in this chain are:

  1. The Missing Girl
  2. The Thief
  3. The Ancestors Chambers sub
  4. The Crypt Wing
  5. The Prison Wing
  6. The Last Room

Detailed Walkthrough

  • In your quest to find the missing woman, the thief Figmiyen is willing to aid you.
  • This dungeon is composed of four areas.
  • Two have been searched.
  • Two are still locked down.
  • She has found the key to the Dungeon Master's area.
  • She will give you the key if you get an amulet for her. An amulet worn by the Dungeon Master, protected by female bodyguards.


  • Go along the right hallway.
  • Kill all who oppose you, obtain the key to the area where the Dungeon Master lurks from his secretary in the far corner of the dungeon.



  • Return to the regular part of the dungeon, find the Dungeon Master.
  • The correct door:


  • The Dungeon Master's resistances and damage types:


  • The Dungeon Master has two huge female bodyguards:


  • Make sure you pick the amulet up quickly... it might disappear!


  • Take Dungeon Master Mazzagon's amulet back to Thief Figmiyen.


The Prison Wing Logbook Entry



The quest chain broke for me after I had killed the dungeon master. I assumed I had picked up the key, not sure if I did or not. At around the same time I got distracted by people around my computer... and other folks in the server were doing quests as well. Quests for Thylysium and for the Blood Forest were being run. Particularly, I recall a count of beasts to be killed ticking by on the screen. If such a quest uses the same area of memory as this quest chain, then running both at the same time can break one or the other.

Easy peasy, providing no one else is running quests.